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2972937 - Error Message in Payment Allocation - Remittance advice already confirmed or canceled; release of allocation not possible


You notice the error message'Remittance advice AAA already confirmed or canceled; release of allocation not possible' when trying to post a payment allocation connected to a bank statement item (AAA means the Remittance Advice ID).


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Reproducing the Issue

  1. Go to the Payment Management work center.
  2. Go to the Payment Allocation view.
  3. Open Payment Allocation BBB, which is In Preparation (BBB means the Payment Allocation ID).
  4. Press Post.
  5. The error message 'Remittance advice AAA already confirmed or canceled; release of allocation not possible' appears. 


In the Payment Confirmations/Returns tab of the payment allocation a payment advice which is either confirmed or canceled has been selected. Therefore, even if the Open Amount of the payment allocation is zero, the system cannot post the payment allocation.


The payment advice has to be removed from the allocation using the upwards pointing arrow.

As a result, an error message will indicate that there is now an open amount in the allocation which is equivalent to the amount of the removed item.

For example: 'Payment amount not allocated completely; check the open amount (-100.00 USD)' - The 'open amount' of  the payment allocation is now -100.00 USD.

This open amount will now need to be allocated before you can proceed (for example, for another item, or directly to a G/L Account, using Allocation to G/L Account tab). Once this amount is allocated and the allocation open amount is zeroed you will be able to post the allocation.


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