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2975545 - Enhanced Feedback Experience in the Latest Version of Continuous Performance Management


This article explains the enhancement to Continuous Feedback as part of the latest version of Continuous Performance Management.

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SAP SuccessFactors Continuous Performance Management


  • As of the 2H 2020 release, when the latest version of Continuous Performance Management is enabled, Continuous Feedback will now be a separate option under the module picker.
  • The new version of Continuous Feedback will follow a question/answer format (maximum 3 questions, minimum 1 question)


  • The latest version of Continuous Performance Management is enabled. Caution: Once you’ve enabled the latest version of Continuous Performance Management, you cannot go back to the previous version.
  • Role-based permissions for "Access Continuous Feedback", as well as permissions for giving and requesting feedback are granted.

Permission settings cpm rbp.png

Access Continuous Feedback

 Once enabled, Continuous Feedback can be accessed via the Home page module picker:

Continuous Feedback module picker.png

Selecting "Continuous Feedback" from the module picker opens on the Feedback landing page:

Continuous Feedback landing page.png

  • Depending on the role-permissions granted, you can view the Feedback you have received, given, and requests sent.
  • These tabs allow you to view and manage feedback received, given, or requested.
  • All include filtering capabilities to identify specific feedback more efficiently.
  • Feedback can be filtered by date, by whether it’s linked to an activity, or by whether it was shared with the manager.
  • Feedback received, given, or requested is organized in cards and include the ability to drill down into the details.

The new Request Feedback experience

Request Feedback popup questions1.png

  • A feedback request can be sent with between 1-3 questions (at least 1 question/answer pair is required to send a feedback request or to give feedback). 
  • It is not necessary to create feedback requests using all 3 question options.
  • The max character limit for the feedback questions is 250 Characters and 4000 characters for the feedback response.
  • There is no limit to the number of feedback responses that may be received.
  • The default Feedback Question text may be amended via Manage Languages - see this KBA on how to update system labels: 2576546 - Using the Manage Language Feature to Change Labels in SuccessFactors
  • If a user wishes to request Feedback using the default Feedback Questions (i.e. does not edit the questions), the user to whom the request is made will see the Feedback Questions in the language of the Feedback Requester.  There is no automatic translation of the default Feedback Questions. 
  • The existing Continuous Feedback E-mail Notifications will be triggered when feedback requests are sent, received, and responded to.

Feedback Received Details

When viewing feedback received, a user may drill into the card to perform the following actions:

  • Make feedback visible to manager
  • Link feedback to an activity or an achievement
  • Delete feedback

Note: You can delete only the responses received on your own feedback requests. You cannot delete the feedback received on requests from your manager.

Feedback details page.png

Feedback Given Details

When viewing feedback given, users can drill down into each card to view the specific feedback information provided to another user:

feedback given details.png

Feedback Requests Sent Details

When viewing requests sent, users can drill down into each card to view the date and status of the request (pending, responded, or declined):

feedback sent details.png


  • The information on the legacy version will be automatically migrated to the latest CPM, as per the data migration process no information is lost.
  • Legacy reporting tools (Ad hoc table reports) are not supported with some features in the latest version of Continuous Performance Management, including Continuous Feedback. The Feedback Request Text and Feedback Response Text reporting entities will not return data when using Ad hoc reports on the latest version of CPM. 
  • The latest version of CPM allows for Story reports in People Analytics, which is not supported by the legacy version.
  • It is now possible for Administrators to delete Feedback on the latest version of Continuous Performance Management. Please refer to the KBA 3042996 - Enable Administrator to Delete Feedback on the Latest Version of Continuous Performance Management
  • It is now possible to Give Feedback via a Microsoft Outlook add-in. Please refer to the KBA 3045096 - Continuous Feedback Integration with Microsoft Outlook

See Also

  • Continuous Performance Management Admin Guide - Latest version of Continuous Feedback
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  • 3015005 - How to Display Continuous Performance Feedback (Latest Version) in the Performance Form
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