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2977993 - Cost Center inbound API (SAP_COM_0179) problems and solutions


You use Cost Center inbound API (SAP_COM_0179) to create Cost Center master data. However, the creation is not successful.



Reproducing the Issue

Use Cost Center inbound API (SAP_COM_0179) to create Cost Center master data via Postman or SOAP UI.


See Resolution part.


There could be multiple problems when you making the update. List below some of them:

1. If below error occurs, it means the head data for your payload is with problem:

<faultstring xml:lang="en">Wrong SOAP Version</faultstring>

Solution: Please modify the Sample Payload in the help portal according to your data and use it as the payload. Search keyword: "Sample Payload", and expand it.

2. If return code is 202 without any other response information, and if the cost center is not updated successfully, the issue could happen on the master data side.

Solution: Please refer to the steps in the help portal - "Message Monitoring and Error Handling". You could check what error happened behind with above information.
Please also try to assign all types of messages to the user with app Assign Recipients to Users.

3. With problem 2, although you have made settings according to the help portal, you may only get below error:
"Error:Error while creating confirmation message: Error (id=):"

Solution: This happens due to incorrect settings App Communication Arrangements. To solve this, you need to edit the Communication Arrangement (SAP_COM_0179) -> Cost Centre Inbound Confirmation - Read. Tick on the flag "Service Status". Then you can repost the API and check the error log according to solution for question 2 (above). You need to adjust the payload according to the real error messages.

4. If you use SOAP UI tool to post the API, you may get the same error as in problem 1.

Solution: Please also refer to KBA 2694433 to make the correct settings.

5. Payload format issues, for example, date and time format.

Solution: Please check KBA 2762970 to understand how to find the correct format for a field.

6. If the cost center is already in the system, and you just want to extend the validity period. You find the API didn't create a new validity period.

Solution: it's correct system behavior. The system combines the original validity period with the new validity period. If you want to see 2 separeate validity periods, you need to at least update a fields to a new value for the new validity period.


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