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2978324 - How To Gather SCORM/AICC JavaScript Content Debug Logs with Built-In Learning Tools


How to use the Content Debug to pull direct API logs sent by the SCORM/AICC content to SAP SuccessFactors Learning

Image/data in this KBA is from SAP internal systems, sample data, or demo systems. Any resemblance to real data is purely coincidental.


SAP SuccessFactors Learning


Content is developed with 3rd party tools that utilize standards such as AICC and SCORM. The content initializes the API which sends the data such as bookmarking, score, completion, etc. and Learning processes the data. If the content does not send the proper information, then Learning will not process the information. 


These logs can only be gathered per user basis.

  1. Access Learning as an end user
  2. Open up a new tab in the browser and paste this URL https://[root]/learning/tools/client-logging-config.jsp along with the proper [root] of your Learning environment go to the website. Proceed to Step 6. An example of the root would be or
  3. Alternatively to access this page by doing the following: On the top right hand side of the screen, click next to "My Learning" around the mouse cursor is as shown in the screenshot:

  4. Press Tab on the keyboard so the My Learning is highlighted

  5. Press Tab twice until the following hidden "Enable Content Debug" is shown

  6. Select the new menu option and a new window will show up. Select the "Enable Debugging" (leave this open). The screen should now show as this:

  7. Browsers will differ but most will show the Developer Tools by pressing F12 on the keyboard. Please check with your IT team or browser vendor how to access the Developer Tools. Upon accessing the Developer Tools, access the Console tab. This is a screenshot of Internet Explorer as reference:

  8. Proceed to Launch the content and go through completion.
  9. Make sure to close out of the content window
  10. On the logs that were captured, make sure to save them. This will differ based off browser but in Internet Explorer right click and select "Copy All". Paste the information into a notepad for analysis. For Chrome, left click on the logs and then use the keyboard shortcuts of Control+A to select all and then do Control+C to copy all. Paste the information into a notepad.

With this information, contact your Content Developer to assist in troubleshooting the logs or check the guide as to what are the expected values of your content type and if it's sending the correct information.

It is best to contact a Content Developer for assistance in reading the logs and depending on the SCORM/AICC type, there will be different data. An example of SCORM 1.2 is below which shows the "lesson_status" which usually controls the completion information of the content sending an "incomplete,suspend". With the writeData (PUTPARAM) it's writing the information to Learning for it to be stored. It is out of scope of Product Support to troubleshoot content related issues. If the content is sending proper information but the system is not storing it or utilizing it properly, then Support can assist. We do suggest that you make sure the Item settings are correct such as "Add to History on Pass" so that Item completion is being marked correctly if the content is sending a proper completion.


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