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2979275 - Latest Home Page: New Experience for the SAP SuccessFactors Home Page


The Latest Home Page, available to use since the H2 2020 release, can be used via the web and in our mobile apps for a more consistent experience across all devices. Outlined in this KBA is an overview of the New Features as part of the Home Page, as well as a FAQ section. 

Image/data in this KBA is from SAP internal systems, sample data, or demo systems. Any resemblance to real data is purely coincidental.


SAP SuccessFactors HXM Suite


Important Note: Currently we are having the Universal Push for the Latest Home Page upgrades. More information about schedules and scope you can verify in this Community post.

Latest Home Page To-Do upgrade behavior in relation to Universal Push

  • If To-Do upgrades have been run prior to universal push – Upgrade history page will show as feature disabled
  • If To-Do upgrades had not been run prior to universal push – Upgrade will be hidden

Latest Home Page vs Legacy Home Page:

  • The Nature of Content on the Latest Home Page is Dynamic. Content displaying is dependent on Provisioning/Upgrade Center Features and RBP Permissions.
  • Admin Control is limited by design to minimize the admin tasks to deploy the New Home Page.
  • Understand the prerequisites, scope, and design of the latest home page by reviewing sap help guide Prerequisites, Current Scope, and Design Notes for the Latest Home Page

Note: Proxy permissions are more secure on the Latest Home Page. If you proxy as a user and are missing content, refer to 3113104

Current Limitations for the Latest Home Page:

    Custom Cards:

    • For Mobile, Custom Card Pop-up is not available.


    • Some to-do tasks are shown on the latest home page. See SAP Help To-Do Tasks on the Latest Home Page for further details.
    • The to-dos that aren't available directly on the home page can be accessed via the Home Page Shell Bar panel. On mobile, To-do tasks are accessed via a new tab. See KBA 2979675.

    Standard Cards:

    • The Reports Tile (Favorite tile) from the Legacy Home Page is not available in the Latest Home Page. KBA on this topic - 2470212


    Enabling the Latest Home Page:

    • The Latest Home Page is enabled via the upgrade center and is called New Experience for the Home Page
    • To enable To-Do's, additional upgrades are required: Enhanced To-Do Integration and To-Do Tasks on the Latest Home Page

    Important Note: Review SAP Help admin guide for more information before performing the upgrades Enabling the Latest Home Page Experience.

    Note: To perform the upgrade, you must have Manage Role-Based Permissions granted. See KBA 2344584.

    Points to note:

    • You can control access to the latest experience with role-based permissions.
    • Only people you've given access to will see the Latest Home Page. Everyone else sees the Legacy Home Page. This is so you can adopt the Latest Home Page gradually by rolling it out to one group at a time.
    • Each person can only access one version of the home page. 


    Managing the Latest Home Page:

    Administrators can manage the Latest Home Page from Manage Home Page. There is also a toggle option for admins to navigate back to the Legacy Home Page to manage updates from there. Manage Home Page allows you to manage your Home Page banner, Favorites, Quick Actions, Surveys and Organizational Updates, and Import Custom Tiles for the Legacy Home Page. See SAP Help document for more information Latest Home Page Experience for Administrators.

    The Latest Home Page includes:

    • A Welcome Banner reflecting your organization's brand. The Welcome Banner can be managed from Manage Home Page > Edit Banner Image. There are two separate image uploaders: one for Landscape and one for portrait. There is only one check box for Use default banner image which applies to both landscape and portrait images.
    • A Quick Actions section where you can complete your most frequent or important actions. Quick actions allow users to perform a quick task without navigating away from the Home Page. Quick Actions are driven by company features in Provisioning and Upgrade Center. For more details on Managing Quick Actions, see SAP Help Guide Choosing Which Quick Actions to Use on the Latest Home Page

    • An Approval section where you can approve To-do tasks. You can approve or decline the request, or view more information more details on SAP Help To-Do Tasks on the Latest Home Page. Note: Non-approval To-Do's will display in the For you Today section. 

    • A For You Today section with content that's dynamically generated just for you. The For You Today section contains Engagement Cards which provide the information necessary to perform a task. You can navigate to an application page from Home Page. To navigate to a module page, users can click on a specific page link. Engagement Cards are dynamic and no two users will see the same cards. More details on Engagement cards can be found in KBA 2979181.

    • An Organizational Updates section with custom content for your organization. Organizational Updates contains custom cards very similar to the Legacy Home Page tile experience. You can create custom content and employee engagement surveys with Qualtrics from Manage Home Page for the Latest Home Page. Unlike Legacy Home Page custom tiles, you can't select the type of custom cards. There aren't any static cards that display icons. All custom cards require an image instead. Custom Tiles from the Legacy Home Page can be imported to the Latest Home Page. More details on Organizational Updates can be found in Creating Custom Cards for the Latest Home Page.

    Custom Cards Behavior on Latest Home Page

    • Now custom cards can be organized into groups on the Latest Home Page under a visible title within the Organizational Updates section. Folders can be created and custom cards can be assigned to specific folders via Manage Organizational Update. For more details, see New Configuration Options for Custom Cards on the Latest Home Page

    NOTE: The order you see cards and folders on the Manage Organizational Updates page is the order they appear on the home page.


    FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

    • Can the Latest Home Page be rolled out to a selected group within a company?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 
      • Yes, the Latest Home Page can be controlled with role-based permissions. This allows you to adopt the Latest Home Page gradually by rolling it out to one group at a time. See sap help guide Enabling the Latest Home Page Experience.

    • Is the latest Home Page available for both Web and Mobile?
      • Yes, the Latest Home Page is available for both Web and Mobile. Some Engagement Cards are not available for mobile users. Additional Engagement Cards will be added in future releases. See KBA 2979181
      • In addition, on the mobile Favorites, we display links that are native to the Mobile application. We don't display links which require us to open up the web application. So it is expected behavior for less Favorites to show in SuccessFactors Mobile app, compared to the web version.

    • Can the content on the Latest Home Page be customized?
      • The nature of content is dynamic. Content is dependent on Provisioning/Upgrade Center and role-based permissions. Cards are generated based on activity within the instance by the end user, and tailored for the end user (besides custom cards).
    • Where can an enhancement/suggestion or idea for the Latest Home Page be submitted?
      • Product improvements/enhancements should be submitted using the influence tool. See KBA 2090228.
      • All additional features/enhancements will be documented within the SAP Help Portal as they become available. General questions can be posted on SAP SuccessFactors Community
    • Is it possible to control which quick actions appear on the Latest Home Page, or can custom Quick Actions tiles be created as part of the current design? 
      • Yes, Quick Actions can now be shown or hidden on the Latest Home Page. End users only see those for which they have RBP permissions.

    • What drives the personalized greeting seen in the banner on the Latest Home Page?
      • The personalized greeting seen by the user in the banner is driven by the user's time zone. The personalized greeting cannot be hidden from the Latest Home Page.

    • Can the greeting message text be changed on the Latest Home Page ?
      • Yes, the plain text can be changed using Manage Languages. See more details in KBA 2576546. Note: The standard label values for those keys are not designed to “expect” customer-supplied data. Any text you supply in the customization will be rendered as plain text.

    • Is it possible to disable the Header Section of the Latest Home Page?
      • No, it is not possible to disable the header section. However, you can hide the banner from Manage Home Page.

    • Can the Latest Home Page upgrade be undone after 30 days?
      • No, it is not possible to undo the upgrade once the 30-day timeframe has elapsed via the Upgrade Center. Permissions can be removed from users so the Latest Home Page is not visible in the UI. See steps in Question 1 of the FAQ section.

    • Can the design of the Latest Home Page be customized?
    • What is the replacement timeframe of the Legacy Home Page?
    • Will Onboarding 1.0 be supported in future releases?
      • From b2105, you can create a custom card for Onboarding 1.0 on the Latest Home Page with a deep link to the Onboarding 1.0 tasks.

    • Where can I find the complete list of known limitations and design note changes for the Latest Home Page?
      • The guiding principles for the Latest Home Page design are:
        • Efficiency (ability to complete tasks and actions from the context of the home page without having to navigate away)
        • Discoverability (content that matters for career, growth, and supports execution of business goals)
        • Individualization (recommendations and other content based on end users’ needs)
      • More content will be dynamic and tailored for end users. You can find design changes available in the SAP Help Guide under Prerequisites, Current Scope, and Design Notes for the Latest Home Page

    • What is the browser equivalent of the What's New card in the mobile app?
      • The What's New card in mobile is the equivalent of Organizational Updates in the browser.

    • Will Admin Alerts be available from the Latest Home Page?
      • From 2111, Admin Alerts is available as a Quick Action card. 

    • Why is my Survey Card still showing even after completing the survey?
      • The survey card will show until the end date of the Survey. This is expected behavior.

    • Can any of the Quick Action Cards be hidden?
      • Yes. From 2105, admins have the ability to control Quick Actions tiles at the company level. Quick Actions are visible based on role-based permissions and system configuration. Administrators choose what tiles to show, but individual users only see the ones relevant to their role. They can see a maximum of 16 Quick Actions total: 14 based on their permission, Favorites, and Saved for Remind Me Tomorrow. See KBA 3043780.

    • Can users select which functionalities are available for them in Quick Actions?
      • Out-of-the-box Quick Actions will be controlled via RBP. A Favorites tile was introduced in 2105 which allows users to control what applications/pages they need quick access to.

    • Do Survey Engagement cards display the same image for all surveys?
      • Yes, we have just one image for all survey engagements. A user is not expected to have multiple survey engagement cards.

    • Can we rearrange Custom Cards on the Latest Home Page?
      • Yes, as of 2111 you can set the order of custom cards from Manage Home Page.

    •  Can we rearrange Engagement Cards on the Latest Home Page?
      • The priority of these cards is built into the system design. Within each type of card stack, the urgency for action determines the order of the card.

    • Is HTML supported in the Latest Home Page?
      • RAW HTML is supported with the Latest Home Page. NOTE: The card is sanitized before being rendered on the home page. The Latest Home Page does not support the option to disable HTML sanitization that was available in the Legacy Home Page.
      • Custom Cards which use HTML tags such as <script> and <iframe> are considered insecure and will be removed as part of HTML sanitization during the import (without corresponding closing tags). See SAP Help Guide for Adding or Editing Custom Cards for the Latest Home Page

    • Can the sections be reordered in the Latest Home Page?
      • No, the sections cannot be reordered in Manage Home Page. Custom folders can be created to organize the custom cards from the Organizational Updates section. 

    • Are there Custom Tile limitations for the Latest Home Page Custom Cards?
    • Is Auto Delegate supported under Favorites > Quick Links?
      • As of 2111, Delegate Workflows is available as a quick action 

    • Is it expected to see stacked cards?
      • This is by design. Cards in the same category will typically appear as stacked.
      • Only the first 20 cards from the same category will appear stacked. To access more cards, you need to act on the first 20 to remove them and show the others.
        • If you consider this a limitation that needs improvement, please raise as enhancement request to our Product Team to evaluate as referred on this process.
    • All Employees is the only option on the survey card for Target Group. Is this expected?  
      • Yes, All Employees is the only option for the visibility filter currently supported.

    • How is content adjusted based off engagement if we select dismiss on a Card?
      • If the user clicks Dismiss, the card will not be shown for 7 days. It will resurface after that if the card is still valid (i.e. if the user hasn’t made any changes in the system)

    • Is changing icons and using image library support with the Latest Home Page?
      • Currently this functionality is not supported with the Latest Home Page.

    • Is there a Company Documents Card available with the Latest Home Page?
      • As of 2205, Company Documents can be accessed from the Quick Actions.

    • In what order are Favorites displayed?
      • From 2105, Favorites show alphabetically.

    • Is it possible to change the color of the star icon and split buttons of 'Favorites'?
      • Currently it is not possible to change these settings. However, the favorite text links can be changed via Theme Manager > Portlets > body link text color.

    • What is the maximum number of Custom Cards on the Latest Home Page?
      • Admins can maintain up to 100 Custom Cards, 100 Favorites, and 5 Survey Cards.

    • Is a Learning Administration Card available on the Latest Home Page?
      • As of 2205, a Learning Administration card has been added as a Quick Action.

    • Are Dashboard Tiles supported on the Latest Home Page?
      • There's a Quick Action to report center. Also see the latest blog on our planned design that will be delivered in 2205 for Analytics YouCalc Tiles

    • If a user has permission to see multiple Quick Actions, which one takes priority?
      • The system takes into account the role: manager-specific Quick Actions take precedence over Individual Contributor-specific Quick Actions. Transactional Quick Actions take precedence over navigational quick access cards. Note: From 2111, 16 Quick Actions are permitted on the Latest Home Page.

    • Can we delete/hide the overdue To-Do’s on the Latest Home Page?
      • This functionality is not available on the Latest Home Page. All cards come with a lifecycle and they are deleted systematically.

    • Can Custom Cards in the Organizational Updates Section be changed using Theme Manager?
      • Custom Cards cannot be themed via Theme Manager. This is by design. Refer to 3129891.

    • Is a Careers card from Recruiting available in the Latest Home Page?
    • How do we get the search bar in the Latest Home Page banner?
      • That search bar is only enabled with Digital Assistant integration. This integration is in the Early Adopter phase and is not universally available to customers yet.

    • Which Org Chart (Basic or Position) does the latest Home page Org Chart quick card point to?
      • The Org Chart quick card navigates to the Basic org chart. It is not possible at present to change this navigation.

    • Is it possible to create Reminders by manually scheduling the preferred day?
      • Currently it is not possible to manually assign the date you prefer. For each card you can choose 'Remind Me Tomorrow' to temporarily move it from the home page to the Reminders quick action. By doing this, the card will reappear on the home page after 24 hours.

    • Is it possible to import legacy Team absences custom card ? 
      • Since there is a standard card to View Team Absences on the Latest home page, it is not possible to import the legacy one to check the Team Absences. 

    • Is it possible to have a custom card visible on web browser and hide this card on Mobile version?
      • No, the custom card will be visible on both, mobile and browser or it will be hidden on both.

    • Is Third party To Do Card supported in the Latest home page?

    Note: For more FAQ on the Latest Home Page please review the FAQ section on the SAP SuccessFactors Community Innovation Alert.

    Administration Documents:

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