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2980868 - Useful resource on SAP Jam & Work Zone APIs and Support scope


  • Looking for documentation on SAP Jam & Work Zone APIs.
  • Need support for SAP Jam & Work Zone API usage.


SAP Jam Collaboration


Useful Resources on SAP Jam & Work Zone APIs

Support Scope on SAP Jam & Work Zone APIs

Key facts about Jam APIs-

  • Usage of SAP Jam & Work Zone APIs come under "Custom Development".
  • The APIs are REST and OData based, both of which are common API standards and nothing proprietary. And the expectation is that anybody trying to engage on this topic have prior experience of working with these API standards.
  • There are no specific tool recommendation from SAP for usage of these APIs. Customers can use any available tools/methods of working with OData and REST APIs (e.g. Postman)

The guides shared above have all the details that should be required for a developer to be able to successfully authenticate and implement the APIs. Hence, the support scope for APIs is limited to specific cases only.

What kind of API queries/concerns Jam & Work Zone support can help with?

  • Request for API related documentation (shared above).
  • Queries on whether specific data/features are covered in the scope of the APIs.
  • Defects encountered during usage of APIs. For example- API not returning expected data, API returning unexpected errors etc.

What kind of API queries/concerns support Jam & Work Zone cannot help with?

  • How to make API calls?
  • How to implement specific requirements using the APIs?
  • How to implement the Authentication & Authorization for the APIs?


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