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2981530 - New Plateau Report Designer (PRD) Authentication and Launching - 2H 2020 [LMS]


We have enhanced the Plateau Report Designer (PRD) with 2 new features in this release (2H 2020)

  1. Generating password from LMS to access PRD
  2. Launching PRD from the Application


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Generating password (token) from LMS to access PRD

Within LMS Application for an Admin with appropriate permissions (must have REPORT_DEVELOPER role), they can generate a new password from the application to access PRD

Q1. How to Generate the new password?
A1. Navigate to Reports tab> Click on "Learning Report Designer" > Click on The Generate Password button. You will be presented with the new password.
      This is long password string which you can use as a password in the PRD tool.

Q2. How long is the password valid?
A2. The password will be valid for 2 days from the time of generation?

Q3. If I generate a new password again, will the previous password expire?
A3. No. Once a password is generated, it will not expire until it automatically expires in 2 days. You can generate as many passwords as you wish, and it won't impact the previous passwords/

Q4. Can I still use the admin password in PRD?
A4. No, while the admin password is still a field on the admin record, it no longer will work post the 1H 2021 preview release (April 19th 2021).

Launching PRD from the Application

With this release, we are also releasing a new version of PRD ( You can download and install the latest version of PRD. This will allow you to launch the PRD directly from the application button. Not only does it launch the PRD, but you don't need to enter the credentials in the PRD once you launch from the application. When you launch the PRD using this button, the Data Source will be updated with the Database URL, User Name, Password (the newly generated token)

Q1. How do we download the latest version of PRD?
A1. You need to navigate to Reports tab > Click on "Learning Report Designer" > and click on Download Report Designer. Once downloaded, you can unzip and install the PRD

Q2. Will the launch PRD work without installing the latest version?
A2. Yes, and No. Initially, if you try to launch the PRD without installing the new PRD, you will receive a warning error. In order to use this feature with the older PRD version, you will still need to download the latest PRD and follow the instructions to update the windows configuration. Once done, you should be able to Launch PRD with the older version. Note: Please work with your system administrator to make the changes as it might need Admin permissions. It's suggested to install the latest version of PRD for seamless experience.

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