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2982496 - company_territory_code in the WHERE condition of the SFAPI CompoundEmployee


You are trying to filter some specific country/region in your SFAPI CompoundEmployee query and you are not understanding the response of the API.

For example, you are using WHERE company_territory_code = 'USA' and in the response you see the value <company_territory_code>CAN</company_territory_code>.


  • SAP SuccessFactors HXM Suite
    • CompoundEmployee API


Our handbook have the info below regarding the COMPANY_TERRITORY_CODE:

  • Returns all employees that have a job at a company lo­cated in the provided country/region at any point in time. The companies are determined via table FO_LEGAL_ENTITY_T.

In the sample mentioned in Symptom of this article, COMPANY_TERRITORY_CODE in WHERE does not mean we will bring only the SFAPI CE segment = USA (filtering other segments like CAN).

In general, SFAPI CE returns all employees that have a job at a company located in the provided country/region at any point in time.

If other parameters are included in the query, sample changedSegmentsOnly, you may see only one changed job information for the person in the legal entity "Canada". The other time slice of job inforamtion for the person with legal entity in USA wasn't returned this time if the job information was not changed. That's why you don't see them in the response with result option changedSegmentsOnly.

So combination of filters and parameters might impact in your understanding of this function. Please have in mind SFAPI CE will fetch all employees country/region at any point in time and not filter only your desired field.


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