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2983483 - Unsupported Business Role Error in Transport Management


You are trying to transport a business role to another tenant, but the transport request fails with error message "Business role ABC contains unsupported restriction rules at assignment XYZ" (where ABC stands for an actual business role ID and XYZ stands for an actual work center view ID).


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Reproducing the Issue

  1. Go to the Administrator work center.
  2. Access the Transport Management work center view.
  3. Click the plus sign (+) icon to create a new transport request.
  4. Optional: add a description and note.
  5. Click Save and Open.
  6. In the new screen, click the Select button for Available Transport Objects
  7. In the dialog box, select Transport Object Type as Business Roles and input the Business Role ID (in our example, XYZ) in the relevant field.
  8. In the Target Systems tab, click Add System.
  9. In the dialog box, select the required system and click Ok.
  10. Click the Actions button, then select Assemble.
  11. Status of the transport request will change to Assembly Failed.
  12. In the Transport Logs tab, you can see error message "Business role ABC contains unsupported restriction rules at assignment XYZ"


This error occurs because the work center view ABC in business role XYZ has restriction rule 99 - Define Specific Restrictions assigned to it. This restriction rule is currently not supported for business role transfer.

The reason behind this, as per the SAP Help Portal (check the See Also section), is that the values are hard coded master data in rule 99. As we cannot be sure that these master data — such as, Customer ID, Territory, Sales Org., and so on — will exist with the same ID in the target system, this might create a mismatch during transports, and therefore the requests might fail.


As a workaround, kindly change the restriction rule for work center view ABC in business role XYZ to any other rule that is not 99, so that the transport request can be completed. Once the business role has successfully been transported, you can then set work center view ABC back to restriction rule 99 in the target system and re-configure it with the equivalent master data available in said tenant.

If the cause of the issue you are experiencing does not match the one described in this knowledge base article, please report an case.

See Also

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