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2986333 - Error regarding "Not in Hierarchies" member after SAP Analytics Cloud update or after adding a new hierarchy to an existing dimension in SAP Analytics Cloud for Planning (SAC)


Several symptoms are possible:

  • Dimension members are no longer visible in a previously working dimension.
  • Attempting to add a new dimension member fails and results in an error.
  • Attempting to add a new hierarchy or property to an existing dimension fails and results in error.
  • Issue may occur after a tenant upgrade.
  • The error message will reference the member "Not In Hierarchies", but this member may appear in another language if the user's language settings are set to a language other than english.


  • SAP Analytics Cloud (Enterprise) - all versions.

Reproducing the Issue

A single Root Cause of this issue has not been identified.

There are likely multiple use-cases that can lead to this error.


  • The dimension member "Not In Hierarchies" is a system-generated dimension member automatically created when a hierarchy is added to a dimension and the option "Allow hierarchies with a subset of members" is enabled.
  • This member must always have <root> as it's parent in any hierarchy.
  • For some unknown reason, this member is sometimes assigned to another dimension member or the hierarchy root is missing.


  1. Create a CSV format file that contains the three columns "ID, Description, Hierarchy" and add only the "Not In Hierarchies" member to this file.


ID Description Hierarchy
Not In Hierarchies Not In Hierarchies
  1. Leave the hierarchy column blank.
  2. For the affected dimension, go to the "Data Management" tab
  3. Select "Import data from File"
  4. Select the CSV file and map the ID, Description, and Hierarchy

On import the <root> parent will be automatically updated for this member and the error resolved.

Note that it is essential to use the correct ID for this member depending on the language that was selected when the dimension was modified.

To verify what the dimension member ID is first attempt to make any change to the dimension and save it. The error message generated should contain the dimension ID name in your language.

Some examples of this member ID depending on language:

  • Not In Hierarchies
  • No a jerarquies
  • Ddim mewn Hierarchaethau
  • Ikke i hierarkier
  • Nicht in Hierarchien
  • Ei hierarkioissa
  • Pas dans les hiérarchies
  • Nije u hijerarhijama
  • Tidak Dalam Hierarki
  • Non in gerarchie
  • Tiada dalam Hierarki
  • Ikke i hierarkier
  • Poza hierarchiami
  • Fora de hierarquias
  • Nije u hijerarhijama
  • Ni v hierarhijah
  • Inte i hierarkier

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The non-hierarchical member [Fora de hierarquias] is only allowed in combination with parent-child hierarchies. Please turn off "Allow hierarchies with a subset of members" or add a parent-child hierarchy.
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