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2987148 - API Error response during Query of User Entity SFOdata.User "[COE0003]Bad property expression: defaultFullName; defaultFullName is not filterable"


When API query has standard 'defaultFullName' field in the '$filter' or any non-filterable field in the '$filter' statement

API response throws error :

[COE0003]Bad property expression: defaultFullName; defaultFullName is not filterable


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Reproducing the Issue

1. Query User API Entity, with filter to field 'defaultFullName

GET 'https://<api host URL>/odata/v2/User?$format=json&$filter=defaultFullName eq 'XXXX'&$orderby=firstName,lastName&$top=4&$select=defaultFullName'&$format=json

Where XXXX is the User's full name value

2. API sends back response with below Error



"message": {"lang": "en-US","value": "[COE0003]Bad property expression: defaultFullName; defaultFullName is not filterable"}



Behavior is working as designed

  • If you download the $metadata for Entity User, you'll find that the field 'defaultfullname' property 'filterable' is set to 'false'. This is a standard field from a standard entity unfortunately it is hardcoded and cannot be changed.

> Query Metadata : https://<api_endpoint>/odata/v2/User/$metadata

> Result
<Property Name="defaultFullName" Type="Edm.String" Nullable="true" sap:required="false" sap:creatable="false" sap:updatable="false" sap:upsertable="false" sap:visible="true" sap:sortable="false" sap:filterable="false" sap:field-control="userPermissionsNav/defaultFullName" sap:label="defaultFullName"/>



  • Check Odata API data dictionary and see 'filterable' property for the fields is set to 'false'


Recommend to use available fields with filterable property set to 'true'

e.g. firstName and lastName fields are filterable if you check $metadata or from Odata API data Dictionary


Sharing a query sample i did in my demo below. I expect for the API to return all users with firstName of either 'Michael' or 'Deepa' AND whose lastName of 'Schmidt' or 'Singh' with the filter 

&$filter=(firstName in 'Michael','Deepa' and lastName in 'Schmidt','Singh')

- note that i used logical operator 'in' plus 'and'

https://<api_endpoint>/odata/v2/User?$select=firstName,lastName,defaultFullName&$filter=(firstName in 'Michael','Deepa' and lastName in 'Schmidt','Singh')&$format=json


> Response : I got three users, 2 users with same name but with different userId and 1 other unique user.

"d" : {
"results" : [
"__metadata" : {
"uri" : "'dsingh6')", "type" : "SFOData.User"
}, "defaultFullName" : "Deepa B Singh", "firstName" : "Deepa", "lastName" : "Singh"
}, {
"__metadata" : {
"uri" : "'103234')", "type" : "SFOData.User"
}, "defaultFullName" : "Deepa B Singh", "firstName" : "Deepa", "lastName" : "Singh"
}, {
"__metadata" : {
"uri" : "'1000971')", "type" : "SFOData.User"
}, "defaultFullName" : "Michael Ñino Schmidt", "firstName" : "Michael", "lastName" : "Schmidt"


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