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2987598 - Is there a way to update a Job Requisition with Position values after requisition was created - Recruiting Management


Is there a way to update a Job Requisition with Position values after requisition was created?


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The official answer for this question is No.

And, indeed if you are looking for an automatic, or system trigger to do it, the answer is no No. The way to update the Job Requisition information to reflect what has been changed on the Position is by manually accessing and doing so.
Why it doesn't update: This happens because the Integration of Requisitions with Position Management in Employee Central, is a one time and one way flow. Once you click the Create Job Requisition in Position Org Chart, the system will execute the Rule that has been configured in Position Management Settings, get the values from the position and place on the designated fields in the Requisition and finish the execution. From this point onwards, the scope of the rules are limited to the context the system is currently in, in this case Job Requisition only, or Position only.

Using the Position GO on the Requisition: Now, it is possible to construct a rule that would update the values from the position into the Job Requsition, but that would require implementing the Position Generic Object into the Job Requisition. Check article 2974310 for more information.

With the position object associated in the Job Requisition, it would require also some Field Change rules, to when a field is changed, or the requisition is saved, to access that object and get the values from it. The caveat here, is that in case you do update the Job Requisition with a different value, once you save the change the system will update back with the value present on the Position. So this must be a well thought flow to guarantee the system will not continuously overwrite the changes done by the Recruiting operator.

There's an ongoing enhancement request to have this synch implemented. Feel free to refer and vote for it:

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