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2991577 - Error when maintaining translation in Attributes: "Value for field 'Number of Characters' is not support for format 'DATE'."


Error when maintaining German description in Attributes: "Value for field 'Number of Characters' is not support for format 'DATE'."


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Reproducing the Issue

  1. Go to the Admin work centre.
  2. Go to the Attributes view.
  3. Find your Attributes.
  4. Tab: Description.
  5. Click edit and enter a translation in the German field.
  6. Click Save.


- To overcome the reported issue there are 2 options in general

   ~ [1] PREFERRED - Cleanup the persisted data in your system with unexpected values in field 'Number of Characters' for the affected BusinessAttributes.
   ~ [2] "Relax" the check in your system via local correction; this is to be done by SAP and we will need your explicit APPROVAL to do that.

To do the cleanup [1] by yourself, please:

- Open WoC DATA_WORKBENCH > EXPORT > IndOBJ > StdOBJ > "Attribute | marketingattribute"
- Place filters accordingly, if required (e.g. "Attribute Format" EQ "DATE")
- Trigger the EXPORT and get the CSV-file from the MONITOR tab
- Now prepare the exported CSV-file for UPDATE
   ~ Delete all ROWs that should not be updated
   ~ UPDATE content of column "Number_of_Characters" to "0" for all effected BusinessAttributes
   ~ Delete all COLUMNS besides "ObjectID" and "Number_of_Characters"
   ~ Save as CSV (UTF-8)
- Now perform UPDATE (either directly or start with SIMULATION)
- DWB > IMPORT > IndOBJ > UPDATE > StdOBJ > "Attribute | marketingattribute"
- Choose prepared CSV-file and UPLOAD
- Select BLANK_FIELD to UPDATE and execute the UPDATE
- Track results in MONITOR

Afterwards the intended change for the DE-Description works without errors.


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