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2998229 - Temp files, example tmpC78B.tmp, being left behind in a WEB app using Crystal Reports for Visual Studio


In my WEB application using Crystal Reports for Visual Studio I am seeing a lot of temp files being left behind.

When I close the browser it does remove the typical CR temp files:

  • ~cpe29956_18516_{8207DF6D-827D-41B7-A0BC-132F91B68494}.tmp
  • report2 29956_16628_{0EAE3577-1150-4D4A-95F1-BD6CD5719CF2}.rpt
  • ~DF8669ECA175A8925B.TMP


Crystal Reports for Visual Studio

Reproducing the Issue

  1. Create a simple WEB app in .NET
  2. Open a simple report with saved data, so not log on info is required
  3. Run the Web app using IISExpress, default web server in VS.
  4. Watch the C:\Users\%USER%\AppData\Local\Temp folder and notice the temp file is created, example tmpC78B.tmp
    1. NOTE: you may see the files in the System temp folder here: C:\Windows\Temp
  5. When the Browser is closed the CR temp files are deleted but this VS temp file is not.

When opening the TMP file this is what you see:

<LoggerInfo xmlns="urn:schemas-microsoft-com:visualstudio:tracelog" name="intellitrace_00007504_01d6c4ca122ce039_7e55e721-1f90-43bd-8ca7-544aca313da6" logPath="C:\WINDOWS\Temp\iisexpress.exe_201127_063202_7e55e721-1f90-43bd-8ca7-544aca313da6.iTrace" processId="21644" creationTime="0" sessionId="1" keepAlive="false" collectionPlanPath="">
<ClientInfo id="29956" creationTime="132509611221377081" sessionId="1" name="iisexpress" processBitness="32" clrVersionMajor="4" commandLine="" />


 Visual Studio option enabled


If you run the App in IIS in Release mode those tmp files are not created.

Or turn intellisense option off as follows:

  1. In Visual Studio click on Tools menu bar
  2. Options
  3. IntelliTrace
  4. Check off the box - Enable TelliTrace


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