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3001960 - Recruiter field from JobRequisition query in SuccessFactors not available in SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC)


  • Build the query with relevant fields like "recruiter" are not available from "JobRequisition" query in SAC.


  • SAP Analytics Cloud (Enterprise)
  • SAP SuccessFactors

Reproducing the Issue

  1. Login to SAC.
  2. Go to Modeler.
  3. Create a model from Data Source.
  4. Select import connection type: SAP SuccessFactors
  5. Select RCM- Job Requisition > JobRequisition.
  6. Try to build the query with relevant fields e.g. "recruiter" and observe not all fields are available.
  7. However, if you select the JobRequisitionOperator, the "recruiter" field is available.


  • Product limitation.
  • Detailed explanation:

It turns out that JobRequisition -> Recruiter is a one-to-many relationship and is defined as such in the metadata. The entry for the recruiter nav property is

<NavigationProperty Name="recruiter" sap:required="false" sap:creatable="true" sap:updatable="true" sap:upsertable="true" sap:visible="true" sap:sortable="true" sap:filterable="true" Relationship="SFOData.RcmJobReq_Operator_recruiter" FromRole="JobRequisition" ToRole="JobRequisitionOperator" sap:field-control="jobReqPermissionsNav/recruiter" sap:label="Recruiter"></NavigationProperty>

This tells us where to look for details about the relationship between JobRequisition and JobRequisitionOperator (which is actually describing the relationship to recruiter) in the bolded bit.
Looking at that relationship in the metadata:

      <Association Name="RcmJobReq_Operator_recruiter">
        <End Type="SFOData.JobRequisition" Multiplicity="1" Role="JobRequisition"></End>
        <End Type="SFOData.JobRequisitionOperator" Multiplicity="*" Role="JobRequisitionOperator"></End>

What this means is that for each Job Req, we run the risk of returning more than one recruiter value (even if in practice there's just the one). This leads to ambiguity in the wrangling/modeling area and is not supported per help guide "Import Data Connection to OData Service"

While OData exposes one-to-many navigation, SAP Analytics Cloud cannot follow these relationships because doing so would distort the measures at the parent level.

The workaround suggested is that we access it the other way around. That is, from JobRequisitionOperator, we expand to JobRequisition and we're able to get recruiter values that way. This is the general workaround for 1-* relationships; access data from the many side instead of the one. From memory, that was not providing the exact values you were after, though, so this may be a disappointing conclusion.


  • An enhancement request is already opened for the topic: Fields defined as picklist are not being pulled in SAC
  • Please, review and vote for it, that you wish to support and plan to take advantage of in your organization. Note: You will be notified on updates regarding ideas you have voted for.
  • For more details please, see KBA 2424376 - How to create an enhancement request for SAP Analytics Cloud?

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