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3004546 - How to change the form title of the billing document output - SAP S/4HANA Cloud


You have a requirement to change the form title of the billing document output.

The form title is created via scripting in the form (can be found in Form.frmHiddenGlobalFields.txtPrintFormTitleText). Usually it's a concatenation of BillingDocumentTypeName and the document number. However, there is special logic, for example for cancellations and preliminary billing documents.
This KBA describes how to change the BillingDocumentTypeName, which in turn changes the form title.


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Sales and Distribution
Sales Billing


  1. Log on to the system in the language for which you want to change the form title.
  2. Go to the configuration step Define Billing Types (configuration step ID 102402) in the Manage Your Solution app /Configure Your Solution / Application Area: Sales / Sub Application Area: Sales Billing / Basic Billing Settings.
    basic billing settings.png
  3. Change the description text of your billing document type.
  4. After changing the configuration in your Q system, please test the output and, if everything is working as expected, transport the configuration to your P system.

As an example, if you want to change 'Lastschrift' to 'Rechnung' on the German billing output for the billing type L2:
1. Log on to your Q system in German
2. In the configuration step with ID 102402, change the description text of the billing type L2 from 'Lastschrift' to 'Rechnung'.
3. After changing the configuration in your Q system, please test the output and, if everything is working as expected, transport the configuration to your P system.

In case the form title does not correspond to the billing document type description text, please review any existing customer own scripting (Form.frmHiddenGlobalFields.txtPrintFormTitleText) and the data binding in your custom content form.

The customer is responsible for implementing custom forms using Adobe Livecycle Designer. Form customization is not in-scope of a standard SAP implementation because Adobe Livecycle Designer is an Adobe tool, not an SAP tool.
SAP has provided a general information document in the SAP Help Portal to support customers in getting started with the tool here.
For further customization of forms with the Adobe Livecycle Designer, please train the developer(s) in your organization on using Adobe Livecycle Designer (here is a video library training from Adobe) or contact your SAP representative to inquire SAP Consulting Services for customer-specific Adobe Forms development.

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