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What is the ownership starting point for candidates submitted by agencies?


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The ownership starting point can vary in a couple of ways. The type selected on the ownership, being it for Duration or Job Requisition, and inside the for duration period we have two variants that could also be applied, which is the candidate self-ownership, and the reset ownership clock with newest submission.

  1. Ownership for Requisition: When this option is selected on the configuration the ownership starting point will be the exact time when the candidate is submitted by the agency to the Job Requisition;
  2. Ownership for Duration: When this option is selected, the starting point of the ownership of the candidate will be when the candidate is submitted by the agency. But there are two variants that must be taken into consideration.
    • Reset ownership clock with newest submission: If this option is Enabled the time when a candidate is re-submitted by the agency the duration is reset, tracking it from the latest agency submission for the candidate;
    • Candidate Self-Ownership: After the agency ownership has ended, meaning, the whole duration period has passed, the candidate now has a specified period of time where the ownership is attributed to the candidate itself. In case another agency has submitted the candidate in the meanwhile, the agency ownership will start after the Candidate Self-Ownership has ended. Check article 2915797 for more details on this feature.

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