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3006666 - Old Timesheets Updated By v4dmin After 2H 2020 Release


  • Old Timesheets showing last updated by v4admin.
  • Old Timesheets Recalculated and workflows triggered.
  • Managers receiving workflow approval notification for inactive employees.


SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central - Time Sheet


This is a result of 2H 2020 release feature 'retry counter' for object Time Management Recalculation Event.


  • Before 2H 2020 release, when there are too many Time Management Recalculation Events(TMRE) finished in status 'ERROR', they were picked up by the next recalculation job to run again & again. This caused a huge number of pending recalculations which were not getting picked up by recalculation job.
  • Therefore with 2H 2020 release, a new 'retry counter' was introduced. With this feature, each TMRE gets  "3 " chance for being recalculated. If it fails more than 3 times, it'll not picked up by the recalculation job anymore. For more information refer the handbook:  Implementing Employee Central Time Management.
  • The retry counter feature helps to significantly reduce the impact of failing TMREs on the recalculation job's health/processnig time and support the stability, functional correctness of the recalculation feature overall.
  • The reason for failing recalculations are usually configuration issues which need to be resolved by the Admins. The errors can be checked in Time Management Alerts (see Admin Alerts UI or Time Admin Workbench) and also posted into the job logs (csv files downloadable via Execution Manager Dashboard).
  • Now, a side affect of this new feature (retry counter) is that TMREs which where in error status until 2H 2020 release, are now picked up by the recalculation job and processed successfully. This is currently expected/Known behavior.

NOTE: Currently, all recalculation events will trigger a recalculation for the respective employees, irrespective of the current employment status (active or terminated) as it is needed to recalculate invalid data in the active period of the employees (the period before the termination became effective)


  • The 'Earliest recalculation date' on the Time Management Configuration Object should be used regularly by customers, to define the earliest date from which recalculations should be executed.This date should be adjusted at least once a year.
  • If the TMRE runs 3 times and still results into an error, then the recalculation will not happen anymore for this employee and the data / time sheet is most likely not correct. An admin alert that informs you about the erroneous recalculation event is created. You then reset the retry counter by resolving the issues that are described in the alerts(Time Management Alerts : check employee's Administer Time workbench / Admin Alerts 2.0 / Execution Manager Dashboard > TLMRecalculation job results) in order to ensure data integrity of employees.

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