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3008375 - How to Display Site Integrations tab in Career Site Builder - Recruiting Marketing


Site Integrations tab in Career Site Builder allows you to connect RMK with a Bizx instance. This tab may be missing for some instances in CSB > Settings > Site Configuration.

This article provides instructions to make this tab visible.

Please note that the instructions provided in this article MUST be applied only on Stage (Preview) environments.


SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting Marketing (RMK)

Reproducing the Issue

  1. Access Command Center V2;
  2. Go to CSB > Settings > Site Settings;
  3. The Site Integrations tab is not visible.


Basic instance configuration details were provisioned incorrectly and need to be checked and corrected.



Why should I use the below steps?

The integration between Recruiting Marketing and Recruiting Management requires the configuration of fields available in the Site Integrations tab in Career Site Builder. If this tab is not visible, please follow the below steps.

Where should I use the below steps?

Preview (Stage) environments only.

What will happen when I complete the below steps?

The site will have the proper default configurations so the implementation can be started.


  1. Access the new Command Center;
  2. Go to CSB > Tools > Import & Export > Export tab;
  3. Export the Site Settings twice (important note: keep two copies of this file - one unmodified as a backup in case anything goes wrong so you can restore the original configuration, and one that you will modify);
  4. Open the file you will be modifying with a text or XML editor (e.g. Notepad++, Oxygen, etc...);
  5. You will need to modify the following settings in the XML file as follow:
    • Framework Type -> set to Responsive V3
      1. <useresponsivedesign>true</useresponsivedesign>
      2. <propertyname><![CDATA[bootstrapV3]]></propertyname>
      3. <propertyvalue><![CDATA[1]]></propertyvalue>
    • Job Start JATS – set to ON
      1. <atshonorjobstart>true</atshonorjobstart>
    • Job Expiration – set to ON
      1. <jobexpirationenabled>true</jobexpirationenabled>
    • Show Default Pre-Apply Page - set to OFF
      1. <defaultpreapplypage>0</defaultpreapplypage>
    • Use Candidate Account Simplification - set to ON
      1. <propertyname><![CDATA[useRCMAccountManagement]]></propertyname>
      2. <propertyvalue><![CDATA[1]]></propertyvalue>
    • Use Recruiter SSO - set to ON
      1. <userrecruitersso>true</userrecruitersso>
    • On-Page Business Card - set to ON
      1. <useonpagebusinesscard>true</useonpagebusinesscard>
    • Use Business Card Apply for Mobile (Standard & Responsive) - set to ON
      1. <usemobiletc>true</usemobiletc>
    • Cookies – set to Session
      1. <tokentype>3</tokentype>
    • Use SSL – set to ON
      1. <sslintalentcommunity>true</sslintalentcommunity>
    • Talent Community Signup – set to ON
      1. <subscribeatapply>true</subscribeatapply>
    • Legacy Mobile – set to OFF
      1. <mobileversion>false</mobileversion>
  6. Save the file;
  7. Go to CSB > Tools > Import & Export > Import tab;
  8. Import the Site Settings using the modified file;
  9. Reload the page;
  10. Go to Settings > Site Configuration;
  11. The Site Integrations tab should be visible now.

After completing the implementation in Stage, you can export the Site Settings from Stage and then import to the Production environment as part of the go-live tasks.

Important Note: Site Integrations tab will be visible in CSB Production when Site Settings is imported from Stage.

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