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3009447 - How to connect an RMK instance to another bizx instance (Partners Only) - Recruiting Marketing


In this article we are going to provide you the steps on how to connect an RMK instance to another bizx instance.


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Let's suppose that you have an RMK instance connected to a BizX instance A, and now you want to remove this connection and move it to BizX instance B. 

The connection between Recruiting BizX and Recruiting Marketing is designed to be a one-to-one relationship. The connection uses unique identifiers in candidates and job postings, which cutting over one connection to another will fail some of the UAT and lose candidate profiles and histories and job postings. Here are some of the impacts for your data once the connection has been changed:

  • Candidate logins and profiles (they are tied to the BizX and cannot be migrated)
  • Job posts & Job posting history (they are tied to the BizX and cannot be migrated)

Next Steps

Reconnection of RMK instance is not supported by Product Support. An engagement of SAP Professional Services is required to complete the below steps:

Change of a Recruiting Marketing/Recruiting Management connection requires these tasks to be done in this order:

  1. Deactivation of all active external postings in Admin Center of the Old BizX Tenant - By Partner
  2. Deletion of the Sync all external Job postings in Provisioning Job Scheduler in the Old BizX Tenant - By Partner
  3. Deletion of the API Key in Career Site Builder - By Partner
  4. Make all the jobs inactive in Command Center - by Partner (Inactivate All Jobs)
  5. Creation of a New API key in Career Site Builder - By Partner
  6. Connection to the New BizX Tenant in Career Site Builder - By Partner
  7. Updating the credentials in Provisioning in the New BizX Tenant - By Partner
  8. Creating a new Sync all external Job Postings in the New BizX Tenant in Provisioning - By Partner

NOTE: If we do a cutover, your candidates will need to create new logins to be able to apply for jobs in your site, as their histories and profiles reside on the old Recruiting tenant.  

ADDITIONAL NOTE: There is a risk, if you decide to refresh the old tenant, the Security credentials sometimes are restored, and could accidentally post old jobs in your RMK site again. We advise strongly that you close all job postings in the old tenant and don't refresh it. This is especially a risk if you decide to connect your old tenant to a new RMK tenant in the future. Do good housekeeping, and issues should be prevented.

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