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3010279 - Performance Obligation displays multiple options in some Sales Orders, but only one option in others.


You want to know why the "Performance Obligation" field displays multiple options in some Sales Orders, but only one option in others..


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Reproducing the Issue

  1. Open Sales Order ABC (where ABC represents the Sales Order ID)
  2. Navigate to Items tab
  3. Click the value help of Performance Obligation for Line Item XX (where XX represents the item)
  4. You can see two options
  5. Open Sales Order EFG (where EFG represents the Sales Order ID)
  6. Navigate to Items tab
  7. Click the value help of Performance Obligation for Line Item YY (where YY represents the item)
  8. You can see only one option


Revenue Accounting Contract allows you to assign sales document items to Performance Obligations (POBs).

A performance obligation is automatically created and assigned when you add new sales items. These assignments can be changed manually and you can assign several items to one POB. If you delete all items assigned to a performance obligation, the performance obligation gets deleted. You can reassign a sales document item to an existing POB. You can change the assignment of a POB till the item status is not Completed.

In following scenarios, the Revenue Accounting Contract is, by default, always inherited from the sales document the action has been triggered from:

  • Copy from Sales Order
  • Copy from Customer Contract
  • Create follow up sales order from customer contract
  • Automatically generated customer contract from sales order item with item type ‘entitlement’
  • Create with reference Sales Order

This means, in case you execute the actions mentioned, it is assumed, at first, that the existing RAC is to be extended by new POBs.

In this case, if you copy a Sales Order and choose the Performance Obligation (POB), you can see more than one line, which is the RAC that inherits the previous sales order.
When releasing the new sales document, the allocation base will be recalculated.

So if you create a completely new sales order manually (Status:in preparation), you can only see one line of the performance obligation.

If you copy an existing sales order, you may see multiple lines of optional performance obligations. After release (the status of Sales Order changes to In Process), the allocation cardinality is recalculated. You may see a reduction in the number of rows for the performance obligation.


This is the expected system behavior.

See Also

Special Topic: RAC Population for Copy, Follow Up during sales document creation

Help document:
IFRS 15 / ASC 606: Revenue Recognition Accounting


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