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3011480 - How-To : Troubleshooting SAP HANA Memory Consumption


You are interested in analyzing and finding the root cause for current & historic memory consumption on a SAP HANA System or Tenant DB. Symptoms below may also be present on a trace level :
  • SAP HANA trace and SAP application client log files contain entries like those described in section '1. Which indications exist for SAP HANA memory problems?' from KBA 1999997 - FAQ: SAP HANA Memory
  • HANA service trace files report resource container shrinks 'indexserver_hostname.30003.014.trc' 

[39876]{-1}[-1/-1] 2022-06-25 15:15:01.760988 w ResMan           ResourceContainerShrink.cpp(02478) : Information about shrink at 2022-06-25 15:15:01 756 Local:
Reason for shrink: IPMM (other process). Request ID= 7459557
 1: 0x00007fc57192b196 in ResourceManager::ShrinkInformation::updateShrinkInformation(char const*, unsigned long, bool)+0xb2 at ResourceContainerShrink.cpp:725 (
 2: 0x00007fc571924804 in ResourceManager::ResourceContainerImpl::genericShrink(unsigned long, unsigned long, char const*, unsigned long, MemoryManager::ReclaimMemoryTaskType)+0x640 at ResourceContainerShrink.cpp:2477 (
 3: 0x00007fc571a3ee16 in MemoryManager::CompactionThread::compactCompactors(unsigned long, bool&, char const*, unsigned long, MemoryManager::ReclaimMemoryTaskType)+0x582 at mmCompactionTrigger.cpp:955 (
 4: 0x00007fc571a3d9f6 in MemoryManager::CompactionThread::doCompactionIntern(MemoryManager::Precharge&, unsigned long, unsigned long, unsigned long, unsigned long&, char const*, unsigned long, MemoryManager::ReclaimMemoryTaskType, bool)+0xfc2 at mmCompactionTrigger.cpp:1116 (
 5: 0x00007fc571a371c5 in MemoryManager::CompactionThread::doIpmmCompactionIntern(unsigned long, int, unsigned long, unsigned long, unsigned long, MemoryManager::ProcessSlot::RequestedTask)+0x1b1 at mmCompactionTrigger.cpp:1704 (
 6: 0x00007fc571a3762c in MemoryManager::CompactionThread::run(void*&)+0x188 at mmCompactionTrigger.cpp:1659 (
 7: 0x00007fc571ba6f85 in Execution::Thread::staticMainImp(Execution::Thread*)+0x531 at Thread.cpp:522 (
 8: 0x00007fc571b969e8 in Execution::pthreadFunctionWrapper(Execution::Thread*)+0x1e4 at ThreadInterposition.cpp:639 (
 9: 0x00007fc5711f96da in start_thread+0xc6 (
10: 0x00007fc56f9052dd in __clone+0x69 (
IPMM short info:
GLOBAL_ALLOCATION_LIMIT (GAL) = 3.40tb (3748391813120b), SHARED_MEMORY = 52.74gb (56631324672b), CODE_SIZE = 3.03gb (3255672832b), OOM_RESERVATION_ALLOCATOR_SIZE = 96.14mb (100810752b)
PID=39810 (hdbindexserver), PAL=5.72tb (6292106772480b), AB=3.33tb (3672815403008b), UA=0, U=3.17tb (3494556729214b), FSL=0b, FMC=0b
[Some processes may have been skipped]
Total allocated memory= 3.40tb (3748410744832b)
Total used memory     = 3.24tb (3566143311680b)
Sum AB                = 3688523747328
Sum Used              = 3506256314176
Heap memory fragmentation: 4
Top "M_HEAP_MEMORY" allocators (component, name, size). Ordered descending by inclusive_size_in_use.
 1: System:              /                                                                    3.17tb (3494556620414b)
 2: System:              Pool                                                                 3.11tb (3429630169017b)
 3: System:              Pool/ColumnStore                                                     2.71tb (2990869825029b)
 4: Column Store Tables: Pool/ColumnStore/Main                                                2.69tb (2968513658285b)
 5: Column Store Tables: Pool/ColumnStore/Main/Dictionary                                     1.16tb (1284930983089b)
 6: Column Store Tables: Pool/ColumnStore/Main/Dictionary/RoDict                              1.13tb (1248465481529b)
 7: Column Store Tables: Pool/ColumnStore/Main/Compressed                                     544.96gb (585154575168b)
 8: Column Store Tables: Pool/ColumnStore/Main/Index                                          529.71gb (568775967044b)
 9: Column Store Tables: Pool/ColumnStore/Main/Compressed/Indirect                            395.91gb (425114807104b)
10: Column Store Tables: Pool/ColumnStore/Main/Index/PageableSingle                           278.25gb (298771486148b)
11: Column Store Tables: Pool/ColumnStore/Main/Uncompressed                                   272.28gb (292364867344b)
12: Column Store Tables: Pool/ColumnStore/Main/Index/Single                                   244.06gb (262064112824b)
13: System:              Pool/PersistenceManager                                              225.02gb (241622485937b)
14: Column Store Tables: Pool/ColumnStore/Main/Rowid                                          220.98gb (237282275312b)
15: System:              Pool/PersistenceManager/PersistentSpace                              152.87gb (164143502128b)
16: System:              Pool/PersistenceManager/PersistentSpace/DefaultLPA                   144.03gb (154660909248b)
17: Column Store Tables: Pool/ColumnStore/Main/Compressed/Sparse                              92.91gb (99772760952b)
18: System:              Pool/PersistenceManager/PersistentSpace/DefaultLPA/LOBPage           88.93gb (95491743744b)
19: System:              AllocateOnlyAllocator-unlimited                                      59.21gb (63581997256b)
20: System:              AllocateOnlyAllocator-unlimited/FLA-UL<24592,1>/MemoryMapLevel3Nodes 54.24gb (58241061456b)
Top "M_HEAP_MEMORY" allocators (component, name, size). Ordered descending by exclusive_size_in_use.
 1: Column Store Tables:                        Pool/ColumnStore/Main/Dictionary/RoDict                                1.13tb (1248599699257b) (128mb (134217728b) precharged, 1024kb (1048576b) in preparation)
 2: Column Store Tables:                        Pool/ColumnStore/Main/Compressed/Indirect                              395.91gb (425114807104b)
 3: Column Store Tables:                        Pool/ColumnStore/Main/Index/PageableSingle                             278.25gb (298771486148b)
 4: Column Store Tables:                        Pool/ColumnStore/Main/Uncompressed                                     272.28gb (292364867344b)
 5: Column Store Tables:                        Pool/ColumnStore/Main/Index/Single                                     244.06gb (262064112824b)
 6: Column Store Tables:                        Pool/ColumnStore/Main/Rowid                                            220.98gb (237282275312b)
 7: Column Store Tables:                        Pool/ColumnStore/Main/Compressed/Sparse                                92.91gb (99772760952b)
 8: System:                                     Pool/PersistenceManager/PersistentSpace/DefaultLPA/LOBPage             88.93gb (95491743744b)
 9: System:                                     AllocateOnlyAllocator-unlimited/FLA-UL<24592,1>/MemoryMapLevel3Nodes   54.24gb (58241061456b)
10: Monitoring & Statistical Data:              Pool/Statistics                                                        48.99gb (52611291536b)
11: Column Store Tables:                        Pool/ColumnStore/Main/Compressed/Rle                                   48.55gb (52136899536b)
12: System:                                     Pool/PersistenceManager/PersistentSpace/DefaultLPA/DataPage            36.04gb (38705065984b)
13: Column Store Tables:                        Pool/ColumnStore/Main/Dictionary/ValueDict                             33.96gb (36465500728b)
14: Column Store Tables:                        Pool/PersistenceManager/UnifiedTableContainer                          26.90gb (28887251792b)
15: Statement Execution & Intermediate Results: Pool/JoinEvaluator/TranslationTable                                    22.51gb (24181167860b)
16: System:                                     Pool/RowEngine/QueryExecution/SearchAlloc                              22.45gb (24117130320b)
17: System:                                     Pool/PersistenceManager/PersistentSpace/DefaultLPA/LOBPageControlblock 18.35gb (19704599040b)
18: Column Store Tables:                        Pool/ColumnStore/Delta/Btreeindex                                      13.41gb (14399747128b)
19: System:                                     Pool/RowEngine/Session                                                 12.59gb (13519431847b) (3.37gb (3623878656b) precharged, 25.29mb (26521600b) in preparation)
20: System:                                     Pool/ResourceContainer                                                 10.65gb (11443567032b)

  • Dumps may be observed in the client's ABAP system in ST22 similar to the following (3151474 - DBIF_REPO_SQL_ERROR)

     Category Resource bottleneck
     Runtime Errors DBIF_REPO_SQL_ERROR
     Date and Time 27.07.2020 13:25:56 
     Short Text
     SQL error 4 while accessing program "LSTXBF99" part "SRC".
     What happened?
     Database error text: "cannot allocate enough memory: Out of memory on query fetch"

     . . . . .



  • SAP HANA Platform Edition 1.0
  • SAP HANA Platform Edition 2.0


SAP HANA 1.0, platform edition ; SAP HANA, platform edition 2.0


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