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3012067 - Contract Item type Determination


The Contract item type seems to be defaulted to the previously used item type, even if one is a service contract and a later one is a sales contract.


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Reproducing the Issue

Example Reproduction - similar situations can be reproduced using varying steps!

Prerequisite: You have a Service Ticket ABC (ABC represents the ticket) already created. You have Contract Item Type Determination set up in your Business Configuration.

  1. Go to the Sales work centre.
  2. Go to the Tickets view.
  3. Find and open ticket ABC.
  4. On the Contracts tab contracts click New to create a new contract C123 (C123 represents the service contract).
  5. Open the contract C123.
  6. Go to items and see that the contract item type is your expected contract item type as by your contract item type determination in the Business Configuration. In our example, we shall call this Service Contract and Service Item Type.
  7. Create a Sales Quote SQ456 (SQ456 represents the sales quote) from the ticket.
  8. Save and open SQ456.
  9. Under the Sales Documents tab, click New to create a Sales Contract of type Sales Contract SC789 (SC789 represents the sales contract).
  10. Create and open the contract SC789.
  11. Go to Items and see that the item type is not the one you expected.

->  According to the determination configuration you expect the Sales Contract SC789 to have a different item type to you Service Contract C123.

NOTE: This issue does not appear when a contract is crated directly from Contract view.


The item types are never remembered by the system but always determined.

They are determined exactly once when the item is created.

Afterwards, the system does not re-determine the item type.

However, the system remembers the document type of the contract the user has created last.

This is necessary, as the document type is mandatory to create a contract. Hence, it must be set by the system on creation. So when When the user creates a new contract from the sales quote, the document type is set accordingly.

The user has beforehand created a contract of type “Service Contract”.

Hence, the contract created as follow-up from the sales quote has type “Service Contract”.

As it’s a follow-up, the items are taken over from the quote to the contract.

Here the item type determination is done with the current type “Service Contract”.

Therefore, according to configuration, item type “Service Item Type” is determined.

Now the newly created contract comes up and is displayed on the UI.

Here the document type is changed from “Sales Contract”. However, as said, the item type is determined just once. Hence, the change of the document type from “Service Item Type” to “Sales Item Type” does not trigger a re-determination.


Remark: Please also check if you have any Code List Restriction configured, this may also influence this behaviour.


This is expected system behaviour.


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