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3013130 - Error message FINS_REV_REC119 in APP Run Revenue Recognition - Projects.


Error FINS_REV_REC119 occurs in APP Run Revenue Recognition - Projects.

"Plan revenues from sales document item lack; check CostElem./Cond.Type XXXXXXXXXX,XXXX"



Reproducing the Issue

Create a job in APP Run Revenue Recognition - Projects, fill in the Parameters and click ''Schedule'', error FINS_REV_REC119 occurs.


The current logic of EBRR is that if the source document provides Condition type TOGETHER with the G/L account,
then the G/L account is checked ONLY and the condition type is ignored.
So if there is defined G/L account on condition type level - it is necessary to have this account defined in EBRR customizing.
It is not sufficient have defined only condition type, because G/L account is superior to condition type during source evaluation.

There are 2 possible reasons why the error happens:

  1. G/L account is not maintained in EBRR Source.
  2. G/L account is maintained, however, it might be maintained in a cost relevant source, not revenue relevant. If so, even you also maintained the account in revenue relevant source, the system may still use the cost relevant configuration with priority.


You need to find whether there is a G/L account defined on condition type level, if so, please maintain this G/L Account to the correct EBRR source, the same source where the condition type maintained. Then you have to re-run the period- end-closing. You can follow the steps as below:
1. Find whether there is a G/L Account defined on Condition Type level.
    Check your project and go to tab "Billing" there is created Sales order to relevant project.
    Open this sales order in APP Display Sales Orders.
    Double-click the detail of line with material relevant to the project.
    Go to Tab "Condition" and double-click condition type, in right bottom corner is defined G/L account. 
2. Assign this G/L Account to correct EBRR Source.
    APP Manage Your Solution, choose Configure Your Solution and search for SSCUI 102530.
    Navigate to node “Sources". Here you can define a G/L account to the correct EBRR Source.
3. After maintain the G/L account to relevant EBRR Source correctly, re-run the period-end closing.


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