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3013477 - "Access to the path specified by the connection is not permitted. Contact your administrator" when trying to create a connection to File Server in SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC)


  • The following error occurs in SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC): "Access to the path specified by the connection is not permitted. Contact your administrator."

  • {"result":"{\"status\":200,\"data\":{\"result\":\"ERROR\",\"messageKey\":\"ACCESS_DENIED_BY_WHITELIST\"}}"} from the HAR file


  • SAP Analytics Cloud (Enterprise) 2021.21.14

Reproducing the Issue

  1. Create whitelist.txt file, which lists all of folder paths used for importing data or exporting models.
  2. Define the file server whitelist using  one of the following two methods
  3. Add the whitelist location in your Tomcat JVM properties. In Apache Tomcat 7.0, in the Properties menu, select the Java tab. Under Java Options, add one of these lines: For import data: -DSAP_CLOUD_AGENT_FILE_SERVER_WHITELIST_PATH=<WhitelistFilepath> and For export model: -DSAP_CLOUD_AGENT_FILE_SERVER_EXPORT_WHITELIST_PATH=<WhitelistFilepath>
  4. Set the operating system environment variable SAP_CLOUD_AGENT_FILE_SERVER_WHITELIST_PATH or SAP_CLOUD_AGENT_FILE_SERVER_EXPORT_WHITELIST_PATH to the location of the whitelist file.
  5. Restart SAP Analytics Cloud Agent.
  6. In SAP Analytics Cloud, go to Main Menu)>System >Administration > System Configuration.
  7. For data import, turn on Allow model import from File Server. For model export, turn on Allow model export to File Server
  8. Go to > Main Menu >Connection >Add Connection> Import Data Connection > File Server.
  9. In the dialog, enter a Connection Name, Description, and the Folder Path.
  10. The Folder Path should match the path listed in your whitelist file.
  11. Select Create.
  12. Notice the Error.


  • allowlist.txt file in the configuration was incorrect i.e. Allowlist.txt instead of AllowList.txt (case sensitive)


  • Verify that the allowlist.txt file in the configuration is exactly as the filename with the allowed resources

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