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3014619 - How to check for a NULL in a table and return a 0 within an SAP Analytics Cloud Story.


  • When a table has columns that contain a NULL value it is needed to check for these values and convert them to a specific value for use in other calculations (Example: Add/Subtract) to ensure that the expected results are generated.
  • How can a column be checked if it is NULL and then ensure that a specific value is used instead if it is NULL?


  • SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) 

Reproducing the Issue

  • Have a table within an SAP Analytics Cloud Story that contains some NULL values which causes calculations using Add or Subract to return NULL as the result.


  • NULL or "Blank" or "Empty" cells are valid data entries, but these cells are not equivalent to the value 0.
  • NULL Values cause the Add or Subtract functions to generate a NULL result.


  • Create a formula in the table to check for the NULL
    • equal(D3;null)
      -> will return T (true) if it is NULL or F (False) if it is not NULL
  • Add an If statement to the table formula to specify what value to use if the NULL is found or to use the actual value if it is not NULL.
    • =if(equal(D3;null);0;D3)
      -> Logic explanation: If the D3 column is NULL then replace with a 0 otherwise use the existing D3 column value.
  • Reference the Conditional Operators section of the 'All Formulas and Calculations' page for SAP Analytics Cloud.
  • Aftwards use this cell formula in other formulas to ensure that the expected results are seen for the calculations.

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