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3016707 - Incorrect value in calculated column - Advanced Reporting


User has created a calculated column based on another calculated column with 0 decimal places but this does not perform calculation based on the displayed value.


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Advanced Reporting

Reproducing the Issue

  1. For this example, add the Compensation Amount to the report then create a calculated column test1 with data type 'number' and input a field. i.e. FTE set 0 decimal places in Edit Formatting
  2. Create another calculated column test2 with data type 'number', set the decimal places to two, and set the value to perform operation. in example value = Compensation Amount / test1
  3. Preview the report. Notice that Compensation Amount has decimal places, test1 is rounded off since we have set the decimal places to 0, and test2 produces result not based on calculation of test1 value.
  4. So if Compensation Amount field is 12345.67, FTE raw value is 45.89, then test1 would display 46
  5. Based on the design of test2 calculated column, the operation should be 12345.67 / 46 with expected output 268.38. But test2 is instead showing 269.03


This is an expected system behavior. The decimal places set within the calculated column is only for column display purposes. But when it comes to performing operations, the report calculates based on the raw value of the column. In this case, test1 shows 46 but the raw data is 45.89. The calculated column will then perform calculation based on 45.89, hence 12345.67 / 45.89 = 269.03

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