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3017073 - Filtering the "My Team's Accounts" in the Workcenter Visit Planner by field "Party Role" always shows the same result


Filtering the "My Team's Accounts" in the Workcenter Visit Planner by field "Party Role" always shows the same result.

No matter which role one selects and then executes the search, it does not change the final result.


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Reproducing the Issue

  1. Login with any user who is part of an (Account) Team.
  2. Go to the Visits work centre
  3. Go to the Visit Planner view
  4. Select the query "My Team's Accounts"
  5. Select Advanced Search
  6. Filter by any entry for the field 'Party Role'

Result: the result is always the same, no matter which role is selected for the filter.

When you compare this to filtering the Accounts view 'My Account Team's Accounts' query and filter by the field Role, you notice that in the Accounts view, you get different results when using the query.


The role field in accounts is a customer role. There are some customers with that role and others with different roles. The search will filter the accounts as such.

The "party role" field in the Visit Planner view are various roles of the actual parties in the account team of the visit. The visits themselves are not getting filtered as this is not a visit type - it is not the role of the actual visit.

For example, if your party role determination works correctly, each visit should have the role employee responsible filled, and it is the correct system behaviour to therefore provide you with that same search result.


This is expected system behaviour.

If you have a visit that does not have a particular party role included (for example no Employee Responsible), the search result for that role will be different.


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