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3017118 - Error While Migrating Fixed Assets: Posting date DD.MM.YYYY must be last day of 1. open fisc.year ZZZZ for hist. values


Error is prompted while migrating Fixed Assets.


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Reproducing the Issue

  1. Go to the Business Configuration work center.
  2. Go to the Overview view.
  3. Select Migration of Accounting Transaction Data activity.
  4. Click Migrate accounting transaction data using the migration tool.
  5. Select relevant Migration Unit.
  6. Click Execute Migration.
  7. Select Fixed Assets.
  8. Click Process File.
  9. Go to Step Validation.

Error detected in source record with key value ABC

Posting date DD.MM.YYYY must be last day of 1. open fisc.year ZZZZ for hist. values

Journal entry voucher cannot be posted

ABC represents the Fixed Asset ID on the file.

DD.MM.YYYY represents the Posting Date of the migration.

ZZZZ represents a year previous to the year YYYY.


This error occurs because the last Open Year must be the Fiscal Year from the Posting Date.

When migrating accumulated values (last period previous year), meaning values are maintained on column Cumulated Historical APC in the template, the Posting Date is required to be the last day of the first Open Fiscal Year.

However the Posting Date set on the Migration is from a different Year, for example you are using migration Posting Date 31.12.2020 while the Fiscal Year 2019 is still Open.


To correct this issue, you need to perform the Balance Carryforward for the previous Year, meaning 2019 on the provided example.

After this is completed you can proceed with the migration.


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