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3018781 - Error Message "Log-on to Employee Central failed" While Replicating Employees from Employee Central to SAP Business ByDesign


When you replicate employees from SAP SuccessFactors' Employee Central to SAP Business ByDesign, system throws error message "Log-on to Employee Central failed."


  • SAP Business ByDesign
  • SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central

Reproducing the Issue

  1. Go to Master Data Replication work center
  2. Select Replication Runs view 
  3. Select Application Log with Error status


There might be different root causes related to this error.

  1. Credentials for the SuccessFactors' Employee Central admin user were not maintained in the Communication Arrangement on ByD side
  2. The credentials for the admin user in SuccessFactors' Employee Central (which is the technical user for communication between EC and ByD) have expired.
  3. You are trying to connect using a non-standard (not 443) HTTPS port.
  4. Host Name in the Communication Arrangement was set wrongly.API Key Value is not maintained or it's wrong.
  5. API Key Value is not maintained or it's wrong.


  1. Please check if the credentials from the SF EC admin user are maintained in the EC Integration Communication Arrangement on ByD side. The fields for maintaining this only become available when authentication method "User ID and Password" is selected.
  2. Ensure that the SF EC admin user credentials are active and valid.
  3. Please test the connection using HTTPS port 443. In case you cannot use standard port 443, raise an SAP Incident asking if BYD operations team can open the required target port (this will be evaluated internally and might take several days).
  4. Check if the Host Name in the Communication Arrangement is maintained properly according to your requirements.
  5. Please check if the API Key Value is maintained in the Communication Arrangements and then Edit API Keys option.

Note: If the details are correct in the Communication Arrangement and even though the error is still appearing, you might want to delete the Communication Arrangement and create it again. For a few cases, there is a old reference in the Communication Arrangement and it's must be re-created from the scratch.

See Also

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