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3019811 - How to troubleshoot Workflow customizations


Customizing workflows can be a cumbersome task. Since the LMS has many different facets that are allowed to be compromised making a guide to know what function needs what workflow is a bit more complex than a simple help guide can incorporate. There are a few things to take note of and keep in mind as a role is being customized. 

Note: Support can give a little guidance on where to check but customizing a role to perform certain tasks only are outside the scope of support. Support may be able to give you a few things to try but ultimately trial and error may be the only course, or engaging professional services/partners to perform this task is the solution forward. 


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Due to the complexity of workflows it is best when designing workflows to keep a few bits of understanding in mind. 


Workflows are designed to help limit something being access or changed in the Database from a GUI standpoint. With that in mind there are 5 basic tasks to understand. 

  1. View: Any workflow that pertains to allowing a user/admin to view will help the user access that item. If the user/admin is unable to view they will most likely be unable to access the task needed in the role. Think of viewing as the gateway to the other three.
  2. Search: This allows the user to search the database so they may see what they filter what they can "view" if a task has some type of function that will need a filter/search they may need to add this task to the workflow/permission
  3. Add: Prevents you from adding an entity to the database, if the task you want the user/admin to do is create something, they may be missing a add role. 
  4. Delete: Also another function, if you are wanting to remove a entity entirely, they may need this role. 
  5. Edit: This role allows you to perform any task that changes the entity in some way that is not adding a new entity or removing an entity. If the admin/user is missing a task that may need some type of edit permission make sure to try adding/removing these types of permissions. 


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