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3023958 - Watermark Duplicate/Original for Billing Document Output - SAP S/4HANA Cloud


You have a requirement to distinguish between an original and a duplicate invoice by means of a watermark Duplicate/Original for the billing document output.



Reproducing the Issue

  1. Open the 'Manage Billing Documents' app
  2. Open the billing document
  3. Scroll down to Output Items
  4. Select the original output item
  5. Choose 'Duplicate'
  6. Choose 'Send'
  7. Choose 'Display Output'


Currently the standard system behavior is to only add a watermark for an original/duplicate when there is a legal requirement for the specific country. In all other cases, no watermarks are added. 
In some countries, for example in Germany, having such watermarks is legally not required, but a best practice. However, this best practice is currently not supported by the standard system.

When no country specific settings are defined, Output Control uses these default settings:

  • Infinite number of original documents.
  • Duplicates can be created.
  • Original do not get a specific watermark.
  • Duplicates do not get a specific watermark.
  • Previews get the watermark text "Test Copy".
  • No PDF protection is applied.


A) Create a feature request for this business requirement, according to the SAP Note 2963059 - How to Submit Feature Requests for SAP S/4HANA Cloud Product.
This is the official channel for you to inform our developers as to what additional functionality should be considered for future releases.
You may also want to check the information in SAP Note 2807810 - What is Support issue – What is Feature Request: Cloud Solutions.

B) Possible workaround:
1. Create all form templates twice, one with the watermark and one without it.
2. Configure output parameter determination settings in such a way, that it always finds two templates; the one with the watermark and the one without.
3. The one without the watermark should be printed, the one with the watermark should not be printed, but serves as a reserve for situations in which you need it.

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