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3028880 - Employee cannot create external candidate profile due to account already exists - Recruiting Management


The original external candidate profile has been converted/merged into Internal candidate profile via External to Internal Candidate Profile conversion.

The employee cannot re-use the primary email address to create a new external candidate profile, although there is no duplicate.

  • Error on career site: "Account Already Exists"
  • Error when Recruiting admin adds new candidate: "The information you entered matches candidate records already in the system"

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SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting Management

Reproducing the Issue

  1. A candidate was hired as an employee previously;
  2. The original External Candidate Profile has been merged/converted into Internal Candidate Profile;
  3. Due to termination, the employee has become inactive;
  4. The candidate (ex-employee) tries to re-use the primary email address to create a new external candidate profile;
  5. It shows "Account Already Exists".


This is an expected behavior as the system will not allow to create an account using the same email address that exists in the RCM_CAND_PROFILE_CONVERSION table.

The POSTCONV_EXT_EMAIL_ADDRESS field in RCM_CAND_PROFILE_CONVERSION table will store the primary email address of the candidate prior to conversion even if we do not configure that field ("postConvExtContactEmail") in Candidate Profile Template.


Solution 1 - Purge the internal candidate profile

There are two ways to purge the internal candidate profile:

1) (DPCS 2.0 purge routine) Delete/Anonymize the internal candidate profile and then purge the data via RCM Entity Anonymization job

Step 1: Delete/Anonymize the candidate profile

  • Employee: Careers > My Candidate Profile > Delete Profile
  • Admin user: Admin Center > Anonymize Candidate Profiles > Anonymize Candidate Profiles and Applications

Step 2: Run RCM Entity Anonymization job from provisioning

2) (DRM/DTRM purge routine) Data Retention Management > Purge Inactive User

Please uncheck “There is data for this user in Employee Central (EC)”

Download Preview Report – confirm that it shows “TO BE PURGED” in [RCMCandidateObjectType.csv]

Solution 2 - Employee to Candidate Deconversion

Employee to Candidate Deconversion will clean up the existing data and de-converts the internal candidate profile to external candidate profile.

For more information, please refer to KB articles in the See Also section below.

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