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3032695 - Catalog, Share, Recent Stories, Favorites settings will be deleted by overwriting a story with Save As in SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC)


  • Catalog, Share, Recent Stories, Favorites settings will be deleted by overwriting a story with Save As.
  • After marking a story as a Favorite / Feature file, when saving on top of that story with another copy, the story is removed from the Favorites / Feature file even though the story ID and Story Name has not changed.


SAP Analytics Cloud (Enterprise)

Reproducing the Issue

  1. Log in to SAC.
  2. Go to Files and select a story.
  3. Mark the story as Favorite: Managing Files and Folders - topic Mark Files as Favorites
  4. Copy the story e.g. to a different folder: select the story - Copy to - e.g. "Test Folder"Managing Files and Folders - topic Move or Copy Files
  5. Open the copied story in the "Test Folder", update it with some changes and now save it by overwriting the original story: File - Save As - navigate to the original story - system will recognize that story already exists with the same name and will prompt "Overwrite the existing item?" - select Overwrite
  6. The original story will be updated with the new changes, story ID and name will be not changed, however it will be not marked as Favorite and disappears from Favorites list on the Home page.


  • This is a by design behavior.
  • When a user performs Save As action on a story, system will try to create a new story, and copy over the content from the original story. The system will not copy over other properties like favorite, featured or customized link etc. from the original story to the new story.
  • If the story name, that the user provides to save the new story does not exist, the new story will be saved to the folder selected.
  • If the story name already exists and the user choose to overwrite, the system will delete the story to be overwritten and reuse the parent folder and the ID to save the new story. This is why the favorite, featured or customized link are not preserved in the scenario when the user is trying to overwrite the original story with the changed copy.
  • If the user has chosen to overwrite the story itself, the system will detect it is the same story, and change to perform update content action instead. That is why the behavior is different when the user is trying to overwrite the same story.


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