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3035396 - MDF Object with 'Effective dating: From Parent' does not respect the 'fromDate' (effective from) and 'toDate' (effective to) parameters


  • You're querying an API entity (directly via OData API or via Integration Center) which is a child of another MDF object and is configured with 'Effective dating: From parent' under 'Configure Object Definitions'
  • You're using the fromDate and toDate parameters to filter the results based on their effective date
  • The fromDate and toDate parameters have no effect on the results


  • SAP SuccessFactors HXM Suite
    • OData API
    • Integration Center


In OData V2, for a composite child which is associated to an effective dated parent object, the fromDate, toDate, asOfDate in request will be ignored by default. To work around this, an additional parameter must be added to the query as explained in the resolution section.


If you're querying the entity directly via OData API:

Simply add a custom parameter to the request URL: filterParentDate=true.

Example: https://yourDCsAPIURL/odata/v2/PaymentInformationDetailV3?filter=externalCode eq 'XXXX'&filterParentDate=true

If you're using Integration Center to query the entity:

Currently, Integration Center does not support custom query parameters, so there's no way to achieve this behavior.

However, you may submit a request to include this feature as enhancement. Refer to 2090228 - How to Submit Ideas for SAP SuccessFactors Products

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