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3038172 - [Onboarding] DRTM Onboarding Purge


Customers are facing issues while purging data captured during the onboarding process and have reported multiple queries while setting Data Retention Period for Onboarding Purge. 

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Below are the detailed steps to follow for a successful Onboarding Data Purge:

How to Configure:

  1.  To Configure the Data Retention Time for Onboarding data we need to add DRTM Onboarding Purge object to the instance. This object allows you to configure data retention time for following types of data:

        Process and User Data- Master Purge. Complete Onboarding Process data. 
        Tasks/Activities- Onboarding task related data
        Data Collection Extension- Custom MDF object data
        Documents- Documents attached as part of Onboarding Process like Custom Data Collection

    Add this object to the instance following these steps:

    Admin Center -> Upgrade Center -> Optional Upgrade -> DRTM Onboarding upgrade

  2. To perform the purge operation we need to provide the mandatory permissions to the responsible user roles. There are two such permissions:
        Permission for configuring retention config for DRTM Onboarding Purge object

       Permission for creating purge request and view report

    Note: If all the permissions above has been provided and DRTM Onboarding Purge is still not showing in Select Purge request, please run the following:

    a. Perform MDF Object to DB Sync job
    b. Perform OData API Refresh in Admin Center
    c. Perform RBP Refresh in Provisioning

    If you could not perform the above steps, please reach out to Support so that they can carry out this for you.

Next step is to configure Data Retention Time config for Onboarding Purge objects. There are four types of data that can be purged using DRTM Onboarding Purge object and we can configure the Data Retention Time for the same. Two types of Time Configurations are supported:
    Time Configuration for Country/Region-Based Data Retention- For the countries for which DRM flag is enabled we can configure the Retention Period
    Time Configuration for Legal Entity-Based Data Retention- Specific to company or legal entity within a country


Important Points to note:

    1. Since ONBOARDEE_DATA is Master Purge option to purge all the data related to the process in Onboarding, before configuring retention time config for this you need to configure retention time for other categories otherwise validation messages will pop-up and will not allow to configure the Retention Time for this category.

    1. Please configure the DRTM Onboarding Data in the order below otherwise you will get an error




    2. Process Type can be Onboarding or Offboarding
    3. Status supported for purge are only Cancelled or Completed
    4. For Cancelled Status, retention period is considered post cancellation date. For Completed Status, retention period is considered post start date
    5. Retention Period can be in Months or Years

  1. Creating Purge Request and Approving

        For Creating a Purge Request move to Data Retention Management in Admin Center and select Create New Purge Request

    Note: Single user search shows both Active and Inactive users. The list of users in single user search is Platform driven it is not related to ONB2Process status. It might include users with open process status as well but such users will be excluded in Preview Report and cannot be purged even if selected for the purge request. If a user with cancelled or completed status does not show in single user search then such users can be purged using Upload a list of users (by User ID or Assignment ID). Download the example purge criteria document and add the User ID or Assignment ID of the user as shown below

        For Approving/Declining a purge request move to Purge Request Monitor in Admin Center

  2. Based on the Purge Objects selected while creating the Purge Request following reports are generated in Preview Report:

        DRTMOnboarding2GroupObjectType.csv (Please ignore the EXCLUSION REASON and PROCESS STATUS as this report is only for taking candidates)

Frequent Issue:

  1. Report is coming as Completed with Empty report ?
    Answer.  None of the candidate selected met the search criteria .Can happen if provided candidate doesn’t have ONB2Process object created or if created it is in OPEN or Not Started status

  2. Report is coming but only one report appearing?
    Answer: Either Data Retention config for any purge object is not defined or none of the candidate selected satisfy the purge criteria. Can happen if Process status is ‘OPEN’ in ONB2Process or for that country config is not defined

  3. Particular country not appearing in dropdown for configuration or purge request type?
    Answer: For that country DRM flag wouldn’t have been enabled. To enable got to Admin Center -> Manage Data -> Country -> select country and enable DRM flag

NOTE: Difference between DRTM Onboarding Data Purge & Purge Inactive User:

  • Purge Inactive User - This Purge request is used to delete the inactive users and all related records in all modules completely and irrevocably from the database. This Purge allows you to remove the Employee Central data of the Inactive users. If an user is active in the system they need to be made Inactive before proceeding with this purge request. You can include or exclude users based on different criteria of the data present for the Inactive user in the system
  • Purge Onboarding Data - Process and user data purge deletes all the Onboarding data for a particular candidate but skips purging data in EC table if the ONB2Process is completed because that user is hired and EC will be owner of that data. If the ONB2Process is Cancelled and user status is ‘d’ i.e. Inactive External user then this purge request will delete EC data as Onboarding is the owner of data.


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