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3042208 - Job Application onSave Business Rules are not triggering when changing a candidates status


An onSave business rule is configured in your instance to trigger when an application status is changed, or the application is saved. A Job Requisition application's status has changed, or the application has been saved but the rule is not triggering, an error message is returned "there are empty mandatory fields".


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This error is caused by an empty mandatory field.

The OnSave business rule will trigger after the check for mandatory fields. If the error saying there are empty mandatory fields is occurs then the rule will not trigger. It is important to note: the mandatory field check does not necessarily check are all mandatory fields when saving an application. Instead, the system will check if all mandatory fields the current operator has permission to write to, are completed. When changing the status of an application the system will check for all empty mandatory fields that any one operator can edit in that status (including the candidate). If no operator can edit the mandatory field then the system does not check it. Product Management have confirmed that this is an expected behavior.

In Recruiting Job Applications, the mandatory field check can be triggered in several ways:

  1. If the field is editable by the current operator, the mandatory field check will happen when the operator tries to save the application or changes the candidates status
  2. If the field is not editable by the current operator, the mandatory field check will not happen when saving. However if the field is editable in the current status by any other operator role (including the candidate) the check will happen when changing the candidates status.


If the current operator has write permissions to the empty mandatory field, the operator will need to fill out the mandatory field before saving the application. Alternatively they could make the rule onChange (instead of onSave), meaning the rule will trigger when another field is updated, however this will only work if both the field being changed and the mandatory field can be edited by the operator.

If the current operator does not have permission to edit the empty mandatory field, the rule should still work while saving the application. So another workaround is to save the application before changing the status.


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