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3042997 - Cascade Personal Goals in Latest Goal Management


In Latest Version of Goal Management, users can cascade personal goals, including pulling another user's goals to one's own goal plan (cascade-pull) and pushing one's own goals to another user's goal plan (cascade-push).

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  • Latest version of Goal Management is enabled. (Caution: Once you’ve upgraded to the latest version. You can not go back to the previous version)
  • The cascade-push or cascade-pull permissions have been granted to the relevant roles (e.g. E, EM, EM+, EX) in the Goal Plan XML template.
  • The "create" permission has been granted to the relevant roles  (e.g. E, EM, EM+,EX) in the Goal Plan XML template.

Steps to cascade personal goals:

  1. For example, as a Manager (with cascade-push permission granted) open your own Goal Plan
  2. To cascade an individual goal, select the action icon on the goal card:

cascade goal on individual goal.png

  1. To cascade multiple goals, select the "Cascade Goal" button at the top of the goal plan:

cascade goal for multiple.png

  1. Select receipients from your direct reporting line e.g. Direct Reports, Second-level Direct Reports (if EMM is granted cascade-push permission), Matrix Reports: 

cascade select recipients2.png

In order for the direct report/2nd-level direct report to appear under 'From my team' tab, the direct report/2nd-level direct report should be in the target population of EM/EMM's manager(view) permission.
This permission could be granted in Manage permission roles -> Employee data -> Manager(view).

  1.  When the goal has been cascaded, click on the goal card to drilldown on the goal details page

 Under the Goal Alignment tab, you can see the avatar under Aligned Down shows the recipients of your cascaded goal:

goal details alignment tab.png

If a user decides to cascade the same goal again and selects a recipient for whom they have already cascaded this goal to, the following prompt appears:

cascade prompt2.png

  • Replace - this means the previously cascaded goal will be replaced by this newly cascaded goal
  • Duplicate - this means the newly cascaded goal will be created alongside the previously cascaded goal
  • Skip - this means the recipients of the previously cascaded goal will be skipped i.e. they will not receive another cascaded goal (neither replaced or duplicated)

Cascade Pull a goal from another user's plan to your own:

  1. To cascade-pull a goal from another user's plan (e.g. your Manager), open their goal plan. 
  2. Select "Cascade to Me" from the action icon on the goal card:

cascade to me.png

Additional Information: 

  • Cascading goals is not currently possible for Development Goals (CDP).
  • It is recommended to cascade goals one by one. If the number of generated goals through the cascade functionality is more than 40, a timeout error may occur.
  • Due to performance considerations, the goal plan access permission in RBP do not influence the ability to cascade goals in the Latest Goal Management. For example, if a Manager do not have access to one of his direct report's goal plan, this manager can still cascade the goal to this direct report.
  • From 2023 1H, in the latest Goal Management, when users cascade personal goals or assign team goals, they can now search for people using advanced criteria, such as department, location, and division.
  • The action cascade-pull is currently not supported in latest Goal Management.

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