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3043019 - Not Allocated or unreasonable big price difference due to single material cycle


After material ledger period end closing, for specific materials with single material cycle*, system may bring Not Allocated or unreasonable huge price difference to the material (App Material Price Analysis).

*Single material cycle: it means that the material has receipt and consumption for the same material number. Normally it happens when you use scenario of rework order.



Reproducing the Issue

Check price difference value in App Material Price Analysis.


With single material cycle scenario, the system will calculate the price difference in loop.
The part of the original price difference that is allocated to the consumption for production is rolled to the product output - i.e. the material itself. This new received price difference is allocated again, and so on. This procedure is repeated until the result converges and the final result is obtained.
It will cause Not Allocated value or unreasonable huge price difference.

Under below conditions, it's more likely above issue could happen:

  • Negative consumptions in combination with single material cycle
  • There is no beginning inventory


It's mathematical problem with cycle calculation, so it's unavoidable with coding correction.
So the suggested solution is to avoid the conditions mentioned in Cause part.
It's suggested after you execute the Settlement step of App Edit Actual Costing Run, you should check the App Material Value Flow Monitor for all the materials. Try to find problem materials with Not Distributed, Not Allocated, or huge price difference. 
You should solve the problem first and then complete the closing for material ledger.

Other considerable solutions:

  • Cancel negative consumption and repost into Receipt folder with different movement type.
  • Use Debit/Credit Material function in App Manage Material Valuations to post price difference adjustments to the material in the period to avoid the problem. You could reverse the price difference in the next period to keep the balance.

Negative consumption posting and more general reversal movement types must be handled carefully in Actual Costing. The general rule is, that reversal movement types should be used only to reverse a previous straight movement, but never systematically replacing the straight movement types.
Without negative consumption such situation is much more difficult to happen (though not completely impossible).

P.S. For standard rework scope item, please refer to BJN.


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