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3047599 - Fixing Competency Migration Issues - Job Profile Builder


As of 1H 2021, together with the competencies being migrated to Center of Capabilities, Competency Library Name and Category will be migrated to MDF Objects CapabilityLibraryStructure and CapabilityCategory. In addition to that, the Competency MDF Object will be linked to those objects with the addition of new fields under Competency MDF Object.

In this article, we will go through the possible errors that may occur during this migration, their causes and how to fix them.

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Reproducing the Issue

After the migration of competencies to center of capabilities, the Competency Library and Category will be migrated to MDF Objects, and those objects will be updated on the Competencies, with the addition of new fields in the Competency Object Definition.

Below you can see the new fields that have been created on the Competency MDF Object. Note that the Critical and Trending fields are there for future enhancements, as per article 3044833.

Those fields will be populated with the values from Competency Library, Category and Group, but in case they have invalid data, for exemple names longer that what is expected to each field, invalid characters on the description, or duplicated entities, the process may fail to migrate some of them.


In order to resolve this, the first step is to take a look at the job that ran the competency migration. This can be done under Admin Center > Scheduled Job Manager.

If you cannot access Scheduled Job Manager, refer to the screenshot below for the required permission:

In the Scheduled Job Manager, search for Job Type Fetch Competency Migration Failures. Then click on view details. It should display the failure count, and in case it is 0, it means there is no action required.

In case there are errors, click on the Download link to get the .csv file containing the list of errors. It has the list of objects with their failure reason. Below are the list of failure reasons and the steps required to fix each one of them:

Failed to create capability library structure:

This means the Library was not moved to the new object, for one of the reasons explained before. To fix this, you should create the Capability Library under Manage Data.

  1. Go to Manage Data
  2. Click on Create New Dropdown on the right side
  3. Select CapabilityLibraryStructure from the list.
  4. Add the details from the old Library, external code should be the same as the name, but in case there is other library with the same name, you can add "_1" so that this is an unique value.
  5. Save
  6. Click again on Create New Dropdown
  7. Select Capability Category
  8. Create the Categories from Old Library, linking them to the Library you just created.
  9. Save Them
  10. Still on Manage Data Screen, click on the top Left dropdown and find "Competency", then search for the competencies that were present in this library (they should be listed in the error csv you donwloaded)
  11. Edit the Competency clicking on Take Action > Make Correction
  12.  Fill in Library and Category fields with the ones you just created
  13. Save

Successfully created a capability library but failed to create a category

This means the Library was created fine but not the category, so you need to follow the steps after the library has been already created, starting on step 6.

Successfully created a capability library and a category but failed to create the competency

This means the library and category were created, but could not be linked to the competency, so you should only follow the last steps regarding finding the competency in Manage Data, editing it and filling in the Category and Library names. This starts at step 10.


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