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3049590 - Capitalized Amount are Different Even Though the Quantity is the Same


You processed two Confirmations FFF and GGG(FFF and GGG represent the ID of the Confirmation) for Production Lot DDD(DDD represents the ID of the production lot).
Confirmation FFF is the standard confirmation for raw material AAA(AAA represent the ID of the material).
Confirmation GGG is an adjustment confirmation for raw material AAA.
The quantity of the two confirmations is only different in positive and negative, and the absolute value is the same. For example, -25,846 ea and 25,846 ea.

Between these two confirmations, there is no other posting for raw material AAA.

But you find that the Capitalized Amount (posting amount) of the two confirmations are different.


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Reproducing the Issue

  1. Go to Inventory Valuation work center.
  2. Go to Materials view.
  3. Search AAA.
  4. Click on View Cost History.
  5. For example, you see the following records. For positive and negative quantity 25,846 ea, Capitalized Amount are different.
Created On Source Document ID Business  Transaction Type Journal Entry ID Posting Date Capitalized Quantity Capitalized Amount Resulting Inventory Quantity Resulting Inventory Value Resulting Inventory Cost Cost Unit
55,769 ea
21,053,213 JPY
37,751 JPY
100 ea
DD.MM.YYYY 09:00:00 FFF Goods Issue for Production CCC DD.MM.YYYY -25,846 ea
-9,757,058 JPY
29,923 ea
11,296,155 JPY
37,751 JPY
100 ea
DD.MM.YYYY 10:00:00 GGG Goods Issue for Production HHH DD.MM.YYYY 25,846 ea
9,757,123 JPY
55,769 ea
21,053,278 JPY
37,751 JPY
100 ea


You have not cancelled the production confirmation FFF but instead created another production confirmation with negative quantity which is leading to the difference.

When you post the production confirmation FFF (Condition Satisfied: Inventory Quantity >=0, Capitalized Quantity <= 0, Inventory Quantity after posting > 0), the calculation formula used is: Capitalized Amount = ( Capitalized Quantity * Resulting Inventory Value ) / Resulting Inventory Quantity

In the above example, that is -9,757,058 JPY = (-25,846 ea * 21,053,213 JPY) / 55,769 ea

On adjustment confirmation scenario, it behaves as a new production confirmation GGG and does not supply the amount from the production confirmation FFF (Condition Satisfied: Inventory Quantity >0, Capitalized Quantity> 0). It will use a different calculation formula: Capitalized Amount = ( Capitalized Quantity  * Inventory Cost ) / Cost Unit

That is 9,757,123 JPY = (25,846 ea * 37,751 JPY) / 100 ea


To avoid difference, you have to reverse production confirmation FFF instead of processing adjustment confirmation GGG. On cancelling the production confirmation, the amount from the original production confirmation is supplied and equated directly to the Capitalized Amount in Inventory Cost History (Condition Satisfied: Inventory Quantity >0, Capitalized Quantity > 0).

  1. Go to Inventory Valuation work center.
  2. Go to Materials view.
  3. Search AAA.
  4. Click on View Cost History.
  5. Find production confirmation FFF and open it.
  6. Click on Edit.
  7. Click on Reverse Confirmation.


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