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3056646 - 1H 2021: Known issues with SAP SuccessFactors Security Center


This article lists down all known issues identified with 2105 release version.


SuccessFactors Security Center

Reproducing the Issue

Below is the list of minor defects identified for each option available under security center:

OAuth Configurations:

  1. Click on Edit -> change any data -> click on Add -> you get a pop-up to save your changes. Upon clicking yes, data gets saved, but another popup about unsaved data comes. 2nd pop-up shouldn’t have appeared. Only new Oauth Config window should open.
  2. OAuth 2.0 -> Password does not require secret. But getting  error when secret is left blank.
  3. Upon editing above screen and removing custom header parameter and clicking on save, custom header gets removed from UI. But it appears again upon refresh.

X509 Certificates :

  1. "Back to Admin Center" went away upon minimizing and then maximizing the Security Center screen.
  2. Upon doing Add and cancel, item removes from left side. But it still shows on right side. It goes away upon refresh. This happens only if it is the only item in the list.
  3. Upon deleting a certificate, it gets removed from left side but remains on right side. It goes away upon refresh. This behavior is intermittent.
  4. Upon creating an external ca /cloud root ca certificate, all values are not populated. Gets populated upon refresh.
  5. Cloud Root CA: Getting error upon doing Regenerate and Save (changed date). After closing the UI screen and opening again shows restored value.

 Destination Settings:

  1. Click on Add. Then Cancel and click yes. Incomplete information is displayed as below. Happens when it is the only item.
  2. Upon entering invalid format in host address field and clicking save, incorrect error msg is obtained. It shows enter value for mandatory field. When invalid address/incorrect format message should come. 
  3. Delete screen still shows some data. Goes off after refresh. Happens when it is the only item.
  4. Display of all red boxes upfront upon clicking Add button should be fixed

Other Keys:

  1. Key Type should be non editable for other keys.
  2. Expiry Date shows different dates on view and edit screen.
  3. Other Keys: Upon doing Add and Cancel, new item gets removed from LHS pane. But RHS still shows the add entry. Goes off upon page refresh. 

HTTPS Trust Certificates:

  1. Delete Button on RHS is not working for HTTPS Trust certificate.
  2. Upon creating a new trust certificate, Screen does not show complete information. Fingerprint is also blank. It does not get updated on left side.  Starts working upon refresh.
  3. Upon doing Add and then cancel, entry on left side pane gets removed. But, RHS still shows Non- editable add screen. Upon refreshing screen it loads the entry for 1st items on left side.


Above issues has been identified post preview release and would be fixed with first patch post production release i.e. patch will be deployed on 28th May 2021.


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