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3059653 - Bank determination for Payments using Single Reconciliation Account for Bank Accounts


Using bank determination for payments with G/L account reduction - bank reconciliation process concept (see links referenced in See Also section)

Errors may occur in Manage Automatic Payments (App ID F0770) for example  

  • No bank account entered in table T042I for pmnt method & curr. &
  • No permitted payment method exists
  • G/L account & does not exist in company code &
  • ... payment not possible because of reported error
  • No G/L account has been specified for & /& for the bank

"Image/data in this KBA is from SAP internal systems, sample data, or demo systems. Any resemblance to real data is purely coincidental."


SAP S/4HANA Cloud 


Incorrect customizing. 

When the bank reconciliation account is activated for the house bank account, the bank subaccount is derived by the account symbol.

You must ensure the bank subaccount derived by the account symbol is properly created into the G/L account master data, and assigned into its' bank reconciliation account. 


Check the following customizing:

  1. SSCUI Set Up Payment Methods for Each Country/Region for Payment Transactions ID 101972 

  2. SSCUI Set Up Payment Methods per Company Code for Payment Transactions  ID 101044

  3. SSCUI Manage G/L Account Master Data ID 150001 

    For the Main bank Account:
    G/L Account type: Cash Account
    G/L Account Subtype: Bank Reconciliation Account 

    Bank Reconciliation Account Example:
    G/L Account: 11005000
    Company Code: 1010
    G/L Account Type: Cash Account
    G/L Account Subtype: B (Bank Reconciliation Account)
    Account Group: FIN . (Liquid funds accounts)

    Bank reconciliation account should be non open item managed 

    For the Clearing Accounts:
    G/L Account type: Cash Account 
    G/L Account Subtype: Bank Sub Account 
    Reconciliation Accnt: Associated GL account 

    Bank Sub Account (Clearing account) Example: 
    G/L Account: 11005020
    Company Code: 1010
    G/L Account Type: Cash Account
    G/L Account Subtype: S (Bank Subaccount)
    Reconciliation Accnt: 11005000
    Account Group: FIN . (Liquid Funds Accounts)

    Sub bank account should be open item managed.

  4. In App Manage Bank Accounts (App ID F1366A) For Bank Select -> House Bank Account Connectivity


    Bank Reconciliation Account = Yes. This is set automatically when the G/L Bank reconciliation account is used. 

    For Single Reconciliation Account for Bank Accounts, House Bank (HBKID) and House Bank Account (HKTID) are mandatory. 

    Netting Business Partner BP role: "Bank" TR0703" to group bank accounts together to one position in Balance Sheet Statement.

    Netting Business Partner Set in app Manage Banks (App ID F1574)

  5. SSCUI Set Up Bank Determination for Payment Transactions ID 101045

    Bank Accounts: House Bank and Payment Method required, Bank subaccount is greyed out
    If the House Bank account from the Single reconciliation Account for bank accounts is used, then the "Bank subaccount" is not relevant. 

  6. SSCUI Make Global Settings for Electronic Bank Statement  ID 101024

    Account symbol created for simplified banking processing. The SIP Relev. (Self-Initiated Payment) checkbox for the account symbol should be selected to enable use in automatic payment programs.

    Example TRANSF

    Assign bank sub account to the account symbol

  7. SSCUI Assign Account Symbol to Payment Methods ID 103557

  8. Manage Automatic Payment 

    8.1 Schedule Proposal -> View Log

    Current G/L account YCOA 11005000 is a reconciliation account.
    Account symbol TRANSF is assigned to payment method DE T.
    Clearing G/L account 11005020 is determined by account 11005000 and rule +++++++020.

    Logic for Payments Example 

    8.2.1. Payment Run identifies payment method and House Bank Account for payment 
    - Country "DE' + Payment method "T", House bank account DEAC1
    8.2.2. House Bank Account points to G/L Account - G/L Account 11005000 identified
    8.2.3. Country and Payment method finds Account Symbol
    - Country "DE" + Payment Method "T" identifies Account Symbol "TRANSF"
    8.2.4 Account Symbol uses masking of G/L Account
    -Account Symbol "TRANSF" is masking G/L account "11005000" to identify clearing account "11005020"

    Payment Journal Entry

  9. Note the following characteristics are present for the CLASSIC method of bank determination as OPPOSED to G/L Account reduction - bank reconciliation process/Single Reconciliation Account for Bank accounts :

    - No customizing in SSCUI Assign Account Symbol to Payment Methods ID 103557

    - Account defined in App Manage Bank Accounts (App ID F1366A) within section House Bank Account Connectivity is a balance sheet account and not a bank reconciliation account

    - In SSCUI Set Up Bank Determination for Payment Transactions ID 101045  -> Bank Accounts, Bank subaccount defined 

    - Example of Payment generated with app Manage Automatic Payment with payment method T 

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