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3064083 - Archiving of Tickets FAQ


This KBA will provide some questions and answers with regard to the archiving of tickets and activities on your SAP Sales Cloud and Service Cloud.


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- When a ticket is archived, will the e-mail and the attachments from the interactions tab of the ticket be archived as well?
Answer: Archiving of tickets will not archive the interactions associated with the ticket, since these are separate from the ticket and would not be archived along with them.

- Is there a way to archive only attachments from the ticket interactions?
Answer: Currently, there is not.

- What happens to the archived ticket: is it deleted or is there a functionality to move it to a secondary storage?
Answer: Archived tickets are moved to a secondary storage, which will further reduce the tenant size. The ticket is deleted from the database after the number defined on the "Retention Period Before Deletion" parameter is achieved, which is set for the specific object on the Business Configuration activity Archiving Configuration.

- Will the archiving of tickets free up the storage quota in the system?
Answer: The ticket/data archived do not count to the quota in terms of storage space.

- What happens when a customer sends an email back to an archived ticket?
Answer: A new ticket gets created.

- Why a main ticket which has sub tickets is not getting archived?
Answer: If the sub tickets are not in Closed or Completed status, the main ticket is not archived.

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