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3069559 - Support User Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) in SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) & SAP Digital Boardroom


SAP Product Support have requested that you create a Support User within your SAP Analytics Cloud tenant, so that they can attempt to reproduce an issue on your tenant.

  • How to create a Support User in SAP Analytics Cloud?
  • What is the Support User Process?
  • Is the Support User process supported 24x7?
  • Does a Support User consume licenses?
  • What is the maximum amount of Support Users that can exist on a tenant?
  • What are some limitations of the Support User?


  • SAP Analytics Cloud (Enterprise)


A Support User within SAP Analytics Cloud allows SAP to access your tenant without requiring an internal users credentials to be provided. This allows SAP Product Support and Development engineers to access your SAP Analytics Cloud Tenant and reproduce issues to investigate further, without customer engagement.

How to create a Support User in SAP Analytics Cloud?

  1. Go to the System > Administration > System Configuration page.
  2. Click the pencil (edit) icon.
  3. Search for “SAP Support”.
  4. Turn on Allow SAP support user creation.
  5. Specify the Default SAP support user role.
  6. Click save.

            See KBA 3200458 - "Create Support User button is no longer present in SAP Analytics Cloud" for further details on the support user creation process

            Is the Support User process supported 24x7?

            Yes, Support Users are intended to be available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

            Does a Support User consume licenses?

            No, the Support User will not consume any Business Intelligence, Planning Standard, or Planning Professional licenses.

            What is the maximum amount of Support Users that can exist on a tenant?

            Up to Ten (10) Support Users can exist on an SAP Analytics Cloud tenant at one time.

            Will the Support User still work even if my tenant is configured with a Custom SAML SSO Identity Provider (IdP)?

            Yes, the Support User will still be able to log in to your SAP Analytics Cloud tenant if you are using a Custom IdP. If you are using SAML SSO as an Authentication Method to Stories and Models based on Live Data Connections (Direct) the Support User will not be able to access your data, please see below for more information.

            What is the validity period of a Support User?

            Support Users will exist until they are deleted from the Users page found at Menu > Security > Users. Therefore, it is the customer's responsibility to maintain and delete these users when appropriate.

            Can a Support User be used for more than one case or issue?

            A suppport user can only be associated with on support engineer at a time, so if multiple engineers are working on seperate cases a seperate support user needs to be created for each active case.

            Once a case is resolved any existing support user that is no longer needed can be re-assigned by the support engineer to a new case.

            What are some limitations of the Support User?

            1. Direct Live Data Connections with SAML SSO Authentication
              1. Support Users will not be able to open Stories or Models based on Direct Live Data Connections when the Authentication Method is SAML SSO. SAP Product Support will offer an alternative solution and usually request an Export of the Story, Model and Connection, along with datasource credentials, and a HTTP Based Tools Connection to be opened. (See: 1787981 - Service connection "HTTP-based Tools")
            2. Direct Live Data Connections where the datasource is not exposed to the internet
              1. Support Users will also not be able to open Stories or Models on Direct Live Data Connections where the datasource is not accessible outside of the corporate network scenario, or publicly available to the public internet, however this is not exclusive to the Support User and will occur with any user or browser, where the datasource cannot be reached
            3. Cloud Analytics Identity Provider Activation / Password Reset Email Failure
              1. The SAP Product Support engineer will make every effort to activate or reset the password for the Support Users you have created, to reduce customer efforts, but in the event that this is not possible, the SAP Product Support engineer may request you to recreate the Support User to speed up case processing
            4. Support Users created before Custom IdP is activated
              1. Please note that if a Support User was created when using the Default SAP Identity Provider, it will not work after changing to a Custom Identity Provider, so a new Support User will need to be created
            5. Support Users also cannot be used to troubleshoot SAML or Identity Provider issues, as the System Owner is required for this 

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