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3074124 - Error FINS_REV_REC010 happens when revaluing customer project


You get below error when you try to revalue customer project item:

"Maintain plan costs suitable for WBS-Element XXXXXXXXXX using revenue recognition method 'Recognize revenue on cost-based POC'
Message no. FINS_REV_REC010"



Reproducing the Issue

Revalue WBS Element with App Revenue Recognition (Event-Based) (2) Projects.


Please check the cookbook for Event-Based Revenue Recognition. Search the chapter with keyword: "Cost-Based POC Method".

"Planned costs: EBRR always uses the current “dynamic EAC” to calculate POC for event-based cost postings.
This is independent even if the customer uses “Review Customer Project” App."

There could be below possible reasons on 0 planned cost:

  • Check whether app 'Review customer project' is used to change the EAC value before, if yes, then this data will be used in EBRR at period-end-closing and it will not be taken event-based. And the plan data must always keep this current – with further updates in next periods. Kindly check the EAC value for the WBS Element in “Review Customer Project” App. If the EAC shows as 0, it's correct that error happens. Since the plan cost is zero. It's possible even you have planned costs previously, but you have cleared the ETC value in “Review Customer Project” App  manually. This may lead to the result that the EAC will eventually be 0.
  • If app 'Review customer project' is never used, for customer project using scenario, check whether there's planned cost maintained in the work package, or whether the work package is assigned to a billing element under 'billing tab' in APP 'Plan customer project'.
  • For Enterprise project using scenario, check whether there's planned cost/revenue be imported via APP 'Import Financial Plan Data' or API.
  • Check whether the plan cost account is included in any EBRR sources, choose 'revalue'->'simulate'->'explain simulation' via APP 'Event Based Revenue Recognition - Projects', check the information under 'List of Assignment Rules' to see if there are accounts not assigned to a source or there are accounts assigned to a *YM0 source which is not used to trigger revenue recognition posting, if so, consider to map the account accordingly or use another EBRR source other than *YM0 via SSCCUI '102530 - Maintain Settings for Event-Based Revenue Recognition'.


Kindly verify the cause part to see which is more relevant with the using scenario. Make sure the preconditions to have planned cost are all met. 


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