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3075400 - Routes Get Created For No-Visit Days


When creating a route template with no visit days, routes for the no visit days get created, however, the visit dates within those routes hold the next possible visit date (no visits are actually created for the no visit days).


SAP Cloud for Customer

Reproducing the Issue

  1. Go to the Visits work centre
  2. Go to the Routes view
  3. Create a route template ABC (ABC represents our route template name)
  4. Set some no visit days, for example, you create the route template with today being a Monday, you set tomorrow, Tuesday as 'no visits' - those days are for example only, other days would have the same behaviour
  5. Activate the route template
  6. You find that route template ABC creates a route for the date of the no-visit day Tuesday 
  7. Example: instead of dates we will use 'today', 'tomorrow' and 'day after tomorrow'
  8. After route template activation you receive several routes:
  • Today - Route Template Route : this is expected 
  • Tomorrow - Route Template Route : you find this unexpected, as this is the no-visit day
  • Day after tomorrow  - Route Template Route : this is expected

You see, that there is a double up of visits created for the same date and time in the routes created for tomorrow and the day after tomorrow.

Your expectation is, that nothing gets created for the 'No' visit days.


This is expected behavior logic - although we prevent the creation of visits on specific days, we don't prevent the generation of routes from route templates on specific dates. The reason for this is that route templates and subsequent routes can contain multiple days of visits, hence we cannot prevent the creation of the route in this scenario and potentially not have visits created for the dates where visits are valid.


If you requires a 5-day route with no plans on Saturday/Sunday, you can create a weekly route template with 5 days worth of items, repeating every week starting on Monday, or, if the no visit days are Tuesday/ Wednesday, you would start on Thursday, etc.
Or, create 5 different routes (Monday – Friday ), all weekly , repeating every 7 days.


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