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3077373 - SAP Business ByDesign 2105 Hotfix Collection 3 Information


Following is the list of fixes* delivered with the Hotfix collection 3 performed in 2105 release of SAP Business ByDesign.

The Hotfix collection is planned to be deployed to tenants during the respective planned maintenance window on/after the 17th of July. Please check the planned maintenance downtime window of your tenant from the Service Control Center.


SAP Business ByDesign 2105 HFC 3


Cross – Area Topic

UI Client

  • The following issues have been fixed:
    • In the Launchpad view, if a text updated via Personalization mode contained a backslash, an application error was occurring.  
    • The Chart view was not showing the commas in the numerical values present in the graph, as shown in the Table Report view. (Hotfix ID: 4500012803)
  • In sales orders, even if the field Requested Date was set as mandatory, the sales order could be saved and released. This issue has now been fixed. (Hotfix: 4500012293)
  • In the SAP Business ByDesign mobile apps for Android and iOS, there were issues with the scroll bar and the time recording functionality. This has now been fixed. (Hotfix ID: 4500014071. This fix has already been delivered as a patch.)
  • The following issues have been fixed:
    • Sales orders could not be released if the basis for recording sales was the shipping standard (automatic).
    • For a mandatory extension field KUT, if the value entered was 0, the system was showing an error that the mandatory field was missing. (Hotfix ID: 4500012975. This fix has already been delivered as a patch.)
  • In Business Analytics-> Design Reports, when the variables on Employee Responsible and Time Frame were removed and the report was run, the screen was partially cut-off. This issue has now been fixed. (Hotfix ID: 4500012038)

Service Control Center

  • In the Service Control Center, there was a possibility that the user licenses were calculated incorrectly. This issue has now been fixed. (Hotfix ID: 4500013823)

Analytics Language Adaptation Tool

  • Custom translations generated by the Language Adaptation tool were not covering selected menu items and associated work center views for some work centers. Also, an existing enhancement that was delivered to rectify this was causing errors in some systems. With this fix, the errors have been corrected and the translatability of all menu items via the Language Adaptation Tool has been ensured. (Hotfix: 4500013101. This fix has already been delivered as a patch.)

Output Management

  • The fix provided includes corrections to the Preview functionality in customer invoicing. (Hotfix ID:4500000806)

Mobile Framework

  • With this fix, the Manager Approvals and Time Recording tile in the SAP Business ByDesign mobile app now loads faster when clicked. (Hotfix ID: 4500008875)

Account Management

  • An additional data source has now been added for Account Contact Data, to allow the display of emails marked as invalid, on the Business Communication section. (Hotfix ID: 4500009886)
  • On the Account list, the field 'Representative Name' used in Korea, in conjunction with tax numbers, can now be added to the result. (Hotfix ID: 4500014100)


Customer Relationship Management

Customer Invoicing

  • The Outbound delivery item was not getting displayed for the invoice of third-party sales orders, in the data source CRMCIVIPATCB. This has been fixed now. (Hotfix ID: 4500013951)
  • Anew income type, 'Fish Purchase for Resale' has been added for 1099 Miscellaneous returns of US withholding taxes. All the tax line items corresponding to this type must be reported under Form Box 11. (Hotfix ID: 4500014130)
  • For India customer invoices, it should now be possible to release the invoices which are in legal approval status, 'Approval Not Necessary' and approval status 'Approved'. (Hotfix ID: 4500012585)
  • Default Query execution on Exchange Rate history will no longer happen automatically. This has been done to enable configuring of query parameters for less data volume. (Hotfix ID: 4500012964)

Sales Orders

  • Idempotency (retries producing the same result) was not working for sales order maintain bundle A2X web service. This has been fixed now. (Hotfix ID: 4500012202)

Tax Calculation

  • The issue with filling the Seller tax number for OSS tax events in customer invoice documents has now been fixed. (Hotfix ID: 4500013792. This fix has already been delivered as a patch.)
  • The tax amount, tax rate, and tax net base amount of TaxCalculation.ITEM_WITHOLDING_TAX_DET and DueCategoryCode for TaxCalculation.ITEM_PRODUCT_TAX_DETAILS nodes, have now been PSM read-enabled. (Hotfix ID: 4500005463)


  • For a sales order created as a follow-up of a contract, which contains a price agreement for a material, the price agreement will now not be considered in the price calculation of the sales order.  (Hotfix ID:4500014241)                                           


  • In the Customer Invoice Volume report, the conversion to the reporting currency was not happening when the amount value was zero. This has been fixed now. (Hotfix ID: 4500012586)


Financial Management

Accounting Lease Management

  • The Org Assignment Start date was not being determined correctly for the Migration template. This issue has now been fixed. (Hotfix ID: 4500013461. This fix has already been delivered as a patch.)

Cost and Revenue

  • Through the fix provided, journal entries can now be filtered with an exclusion condition as well on the field Related Source Document type.  (Hotfix: 4500006318)

 Travel and Expense Management

  • The last Expense report of an employee for Austria could not be deleted in some cases as it led to application errors. This has now been fixed. (Hotfix ID: 4500009594)

Payment Management

  • The ISO 3166-1 Code list used for foreign payments in the IT CBI Foreign Payment format for Italy has now been updated. The data conversion for payment amounts has also been updated to include a comma in place of a dot. (Hotfix ID: 4500011507)
  • The fix provided includes corrections to the existing system behavior of ISO20022 payments, when the Clearing System Member ID is required for payments, and when PDI is used to customize the generic ISO20022. (Hotfix ID: 4500014171)
  • The issues found in the Payment Media run and Print Check form action have now been fixed. (Hotfix ID: 4500013204. This fix has already been delivered as a patch.)
  • For Switzerland, the payment file format CH ISO20022 was not correct and the tag <Ustrd> was missing. With this fix, the tags under <RmtInf> are corrected in the payment file. (Hotfix ID: 4500013892)
  • The fix provided contains corrections to the assignment of the SWIFT/BIC in the ISO20022 Payment file, for transactions with business partners with US Banks. (Hotfix ID: 4500012284. This fix has already been delivered as a patch.)
  • Payment method determination is now possible through different combinations of the domain and proprietary tags in ISO 20022 file format of Bank Statement. (Hotfix ID: 4500002138)
  • With this fix, UI texts have been added to the data source GLOISJPU01 (Clearing Status Report for Japan). The columns which have the same names represent the same columns and can be added only once in the UI report. (Hotfix ID: 4500014230)

Tax Management and Declaration

  • The One Stop Shop (OSS) Tax Events 476 & 480 have now been added to the Business Configuration for Germany so that the corresponding OSS documents are included during German Monthly VAT Return Filing. (Hotfix: 4500010827)
  • In the Business Object 'Tax Declaration Profile', it was found that the Mini One Stop Shop (MOSS) return indicator was enabled for partners when it was not supposed to be. This has now been corrected. (Hotfix ID:4500014012)
  • The tax type 49, Agri. India. Dev. Cess has now been added to the Customs Duty tax codes to facilitate the posting of Customs duty documents. (Hotfix ID: 4500003576. This fix has already been delivered as a patch.)
  • The fix provided includes validation checks for creating a company tax arrangement for the OSS relevant Tax returns. Along with this, the field OSS_RETURN_INDICATOR in Tax declaration Business Configuration Object has been PSM write-enabled. (Hotfix ID: 4500014032)
  • For Israel, the Withholding tax return (102, 856, and 857) clearing documents were being considered in a few cases, which was legally incorrect. With this fix, corrections have been done such that these clearing documents are never considered in the withholding tax returns. (Hotfix ID: 4500006698)
  • For SAP Business ByDesign for Switzerland, the Input tax correction scenario for the Mixed Usage Scenario acc. to Art. 30 VAT Act has now been enabled. Previously, for input tax corrections, for tax box 415, only the Self Supply Scenario was available. For certain cases, a mixed usage is also possible. In this specific case, acc. to Art. 66 lit. e-VAT Ordinance, a flat-rate method is allowed. The Input tax correction scenario works analogously to the already provided Input tax reduction scenario.
    The following changes have been provided for this scenario:
    • A new tax event 8 (Input tax correction), tax code 58 that is mapped to the above tax event, tax rate type 6 (Input tax correction with tax rate value 0.07%), and tax reporting for the above tax event in the Periodic VAT Returns tax return in tax box 415T - for the new tax event in combination with all available tax rate types for Switzerland including Standard, Reduced, Special, Zero, Input tax reduction, and Input tax correction.
    • This will also enable the scenario for reporting when a custom tax code (beginning with Z*) is created, mapped to the above tax event, and any of the aforementioned tax rate types.
    • The output VAT tax return form reflects the values in tax box 415 for documents posted with this tax code. The output file of the VAT tax return reports the amounts in the relevant sections of the output file of the tax return. (Hotfix ID: 4500012102)

Cash and Liquidity Management

  • The fix provided resolves the repeated bank name issue in the Bank Directory sheet. (Hotfix ID: 4500012912. This fix has already been delivered as a patch.)

Financial Accounting

  • The fix provided adapts the DATEV standard tax code mapping for OSS based on guidance. (Hotfix ID: 4500000805)


  • GR/IR (goods receipt/ invoice receipt) run was resulting in application errors because, after Goods and Services Receipt posting to IMAT, goods return was posted which changes the status of IMAT but the cancellation of GR did not change the status back again. These errors have now been resolved. (Hotfix ID: 4500012714)

Coding Block

  • The fix provided ensures that in the default fund and function ID generation in a supplier invoice, if a newly created individual material is provided in the cost distribution, and the cost center details are also entered, the default fund and function ID gets generated based on the cost center value as Individual material is new. (Hotfix ID: 4500014290)


Project Management


  • Consumption messages from Project Stock Orders in the pre-delivery scenario were not reflected correctly in Logistics, as the Custodian Party was not provided. This issue has now been fixed. (Hotfix ID: 4500012592)
  • If you create a consumption in Project Stock order with a quantity unit that is different from the base UoM of the material, the error 'Material not available for consumption' might appear. This issue has now been corrected. (Hotfix ID: 4500013631)

Customer Project Invoice Requisition

  • Project time recordings maintained in minutes could lead to a quantity with more than 14 decimals. There was a possibility that the resulting rounding differences lead to an application error in the further process (invoicing or time recording cancellation). The fix provided ensures that this error does not occur. (Hotfix ID: 4500013434)


Human Resources Management

Time and Labour Management

  • There was a high memory usage during the activation of Excel uploaded time entries in the system. The fix provided helps improve the performance during the activation process. (Hotfix ID: 4500011336)
  • Lifecycle analysis run ensures that all documents in the systems are connected to the right process chain. The fix provided helps improve the performance of the lifecycle analysis run. (Hotfix ID: 4500013482)
  • For Belgium, the Holiday calendar has now been updated. Currently, Christmas is set as a guaranteed holiday and when it falls on a Saturday or Sunday, the replacement holiday is the next working day. The replacement day rule that is set, is subject to change in the future. (Hotfix ID: 4500014440)


Supply Chain Management

Customer Requirement

  • Customer Demand can now be queried with relative date combinations like selecting a date type. For example, using Confirmed Delivery Date, and the fields, 'Within last day(s)' or 'Within next day(s)'. This has been done to allow fetching of a list of customer demands with varied selection criteria. (Hotfix ID: 4500012412)

Outbound Logistics

  • For India, when multiple assessable values are maintained for a product over a period of time, the assessable value was appearing incorrectly in the outbound delivery form when the documents were posted with a past date. This issue has now been fixed. (Hotfix ID: 4500010489)


  • In the Physical Inventory work center -> Consignment Stock Overview work center view, providing a numeric Fill-up site ID (such as 10200000) was not fetching any data. This has now been corrected. (Hotfix ID: 4500012593. This fix has already been delivered as a patch.)

Inbound Delivery

  • The Inbound Delivery Notification creation through the standard web service for products with Product Specification was not working. This issue has now been fixed. (Hotfix ID: 4500011236)
  • Custodian Goods Return Notification work center was not visible when Spare Parts were not in scope. This issue is now fixed. (Hotfix ID: 4500011047)
  • Service ManageCustomerReturnNotificationIn is now available in SAP Could Applications Studio. (Hotfix ID: 4500011679)

Production Task

  • The fix provided resolves Production Task system errors, that were occurring while checking if there are any residual negative quantities due to unit conversions. (Hotfix ID: 4500013425)

Production Order

  • The field names Material UUID and Material Text UUID of the Material master data source have now been changed to Material and Material Text respectively to resolve issues occurring on Excel-based reports. (Hotfix ID: 4500011766)

Goods and Activity Confirmation

  • In the Identified Stock Maintenance Run work center view, in case there are multiple products with expired Identified Stock IDs present at multiple sites, the run for these products was failing. This issue has now been fixed, with separate confirmation documents created for each site. The fix does not change the stock to restricted and this would function as usual. (Hotfix ID: 4500012669)


Supplier Relationship Management

Purchase Requests

  • Purchase requests created from Project Purchase Requests are now split into two different items based on the currency from two different suppliers. Subsequently, two Purchase orders are created. (Hotfix ID: 4500011517)

Supplier Invoice

  • The fix provided ensures that, when a supplier invoice is created through a collaboration window, the buyer company validation is successful only if the scanned buyer company is valid. (Hotfix ID: 4500012413)
  • The fix provided resolves the issue of incorrect document numbering of supplier invoices created through Recurring invoices. (Hotfix ID: 4500012997)


*Disclaimer: Note that this list may not include all of the hotfixes that are a part of this collection (e.g. operational, internal, technical fixes may not be listed).

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