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3077462 - Not possible to use drag & drop in other applications when it is used in AO and data is still refreshing


Not possible to use drag & drop in an application (e.g. MS Outlook) when drag & drop is used in AO and data is still refreshing (i.e. while dialog "Fetching data from server" is displayed).


SAP BusinessObjects Analysis, edition for Microsoft Office

Reproducing the Issue

1. Run a query or open an existing workbook in AO;
2. Use drag & drop to drill down the report (e.g. drag & drop a dimension, removing it from rows or adding it to rows);
3. While dialog "Fetching data from server" is displayed, try to use drag & drop in another application (e.g. MS Outlook);


The time-consuming part of the drag & drop operation is the change of the drill state and the retrieval of the new result set.
Drag & drop is a "global" Windows interaction. It is possible to execute a single drag & drop at a time only. It is not possible to execute several drag & drop operations in parallel.

As the operation might take a long time it is not possible for AO to somehow release this drag & drop operation to let other applications provide drag & drop.


For large queries where such operations take some time, the user might work differently:

  • Option #1: Click on "Pause Refresh" in the Analysis ribbon, do the drag & drop operations in the Analysis pane, finally click on "Pause Refresh" again to retrieve the new result set (without blocking drag & drop of other applications).
  • Option #2: Use the context menu in the Analysis pane instead of drag & drop, e.g. choose "Add to Rows" in the context menu when right-clicking on a dimension.

See Also

Chapter "Pausing Refresh" in User Guide of AO


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