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3079441 - Billing document generated EDI invoice posting can't be posted due to no default profit center assigned


You are working with Scope Item 1MX Intercompany Sales Order Processing.
You made relevant configuration according to the test script of above Scope Item to create intercompany invoice via iDoc when intercompany billing document is posted.
The FI document corresponding with billing document was created successfully, however, you found error in the Message Dashboard app and the FI posting was not posted successfully.

Please assign account assignment object PSG A000/XXXXXXX to a profit center.
Message no. KI305



Reproducing the Issue

Post billing document and check error in Message Dashboard app.


As there are some billing documents that do not directly refer to a profit center the contract settlement cannot pass on any profit center to the settlement document.

The billing documents carry an assignment to a profitability segment. That is why the corresponding journal entry could be posted successfully as the profitability segment has "lent" its profit center assignment to the posting item. Because the settlement summarizes items and discards both the profitability segments and  the plant assignments it does not refer to any valuation or profitability segment area anymore. Therefore, the default account assignment rule does not work for the contract settlement and the profit center of the profitability segment is lost.

The default account assignment rule (SSCUI 102639) does not apply here. The settlement summarizes the billing items and does not keep the reference to plants / valuation area. That is why the rule would not be used. But as the settlement already creates an account assignment objects based on the billing documents, the default rule would not be considered anyway.

Currently it is not possible to assign the profit center parameter of profitability segment to the customer invoice F2. It is only possible for intercompany invoice IV from delivering company view. This functionality is not supported for now in SD Billing intercompany process. 


As a workaround, it's suggested to set up a custom logic for adding a cost center for example. As company code, GL account and posting context are available, a rule similar to that for setting a profit center based on the valuation area could be created.

The context information for contract settlement would be:

- Coding Block Header:

  • Reference Document Type = "WBRK"

You should make it a pre-condition that

  • profitabilitysegment IS NOT INITIAL
  • profitcenter IS INITIAL
  • the GL Account is the GL account in question

And add the same cost center that is being used for defaulting by valuation area.

This being added, the cost center's profit center will be used for the settlement item and the segment will be derived based on that.

The exit can be implemented using the app "Custom Fields and Logic" - "Custom Logic" tab.
Enhancement implementation for business Context "Accounting: Coding Block" --> substitution.

You can find more information here:

BAdIs for Substitution for Journal Entries

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